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The Ring Road (Oath Road in the official English release of Air Gear) is the only Road that is primarily non-offensive. It is a supportive road whose riders that consists of Link Tuners - mechanics who fix and tune other riders to their A·Ts. Not all Ring Road users can actually ride A·Ts. Ring Road focuses on sound - every rider and A·T has a rhythm. The Link Tuners match the rhythm of the A·T to its rider's, increasing performance. A person with the potential for Ring Road will know the exact time without reference.


For Link Tuners to increase the performance of other riders, they must tune their A-Ts. This requires the tuner to listen to the A-Ts and the rider. Also Link Tuners tend to carry an arsenal of tools and parts for fixing and tuning A·T or other machinery. Some modify their bodies in order to fit more tools, or increase productivity. When directly interfacing with a King, link tuners use special suits called "SC". The SC is skin tight, elastic, and translucent, containing 7600 sensors within its fabric. Tuners also can carry a small machine that resembles a stenographer's typewriters. This machine allows them to monitor and retune regalia on the fly.

A select few Storm Riders are shown to use the aural properties of the Ring Road in an offensive manner. Examples include Kanon of Tool Toul To, who uses a guitar mechanism to create blades of sound; as well as Merlin of Genesis, who can produce cutting sound waves with her long fingernails. Even Kururu, a person with no battle experience, shows the ability to detune and destroy AT based technology using her Infinity Atmosphere, Infinite Scale.

Pledge Regalia[]

The Pledge Regalia

The Pledge Regalia is a giant metallic cross. When activated it splits into 8 more, smaller metallic crosses. These crosses allow the Pledge Queen to act through her team mates by feeding their body with information through a "bird's call", essentially creating clones of the Pledge Queen out of all the Tuners attached to the Regalia. The Tuners can then access the world of 'Infinite Scale', allowing them to build, repair and tune AT's as quickly as the Pledge Queen.

Kururu Sumeragi is the current Pledge Queen.


Ring Road: Ring In - After activating the Pledge Regalia, Kururu synchronizes with the tuners connected to the Pledge Regalia through song, which in turn enables them to use her highly efficient tuning abilities.

Defensive: Construction - Used for repair or rebuild of A-T gear. During Ikki's fight with Ringo, Kururu was able to repair and install a Wind Sub-Regalia in under three seconds as it was destroyed by Ringo`s attacks while air-borne.

Offensive: Destruction - During the battle at Genesis headquarters, Kururu demonstrates the ability to detune and destroy A-T armor. Other tuners can perform this feat when synced with the Pledge Regalia.

Pledge Regalia: Access - A ruler activates the regalia by splitting it into replica crosses that enable other tuners to access Infinite Scale.