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Ringo Noyamano (野山野 林檎, Noyamano Ringo) is the female protagonist, Ikki's childhood friend, and a member of the Noyamano family that adopted Ikki into their household. However, behind her seemingly plain and unimpressive guise of a junior high school student, she is actually the successor and leader of the legendary team, Sleeping Forest. She is the current Thorn Queen of the eight "Kings" in the AT world. She helps Kogarasumaru in times of trouble under the guise of "Croissant Mask" (Croissant Kamen) (also known as "Swimsuit Mask"), Kogarasumaru's No. 1 Supporter, though Agito and Simca know who it is. She has since passed this role onto Kururu Sumeragi. Ringo is a King Class A-T Rider, wielding the techniques of Sonia Road; meaning she, using hyperventilation to fill her joints with air bubbles, employs superhuman agility while riding, at the price of suffering extreme pain while she does this.

For a brief moment, she was also the unofficial Storm Queen of the Hurricane Road, being the only person to ever use the Storm Regalia before it got destroyed.


Ringo is a beautiful and young teenage girl of average height with long red-purple hair down to her waist that she usually has in two pigtails and a short fringe in the front. Most of the time she wears a variety of clothes that include short shirts, mini-skirts or jeans. Sometimes she wears a hat on her head. She has a petite figure. She frequently wore glasses at the beginning of the series but eventually stopped wearing them.


Ringo is usually friendly, kind, and polite towards others and her family. She gets along well with others and tries to help them whenever she can. She's one of the smartest students in her school and regularly studies to keep her grades up. She gets very irritated by others' perverted (usually Ikki and his team) antics and responds with violence by punching or kicking, showing she can be quite violent when shown. She can be stubborn and quick-tempered when pushed, such as when others upset her or she's embarrassed, she can lash out to others (usually Ikki and company).


Ringo has an alter ego called "Croissant Mask" (also known as "Swimsuit Mask") which she dons to help team Kogarasumaru when they are in a tight pinch. Only Agito and Simca know who it is and she seems embarrassed to use her outfit for her alter ego. She only does it so Ikki won't recognize her because of her feelings for him. However, when Simca stole her outfit (and replaced it with a more revealing outfit) she was angry that Simca did it, but Simca pointed out she did it not as a prank, but to teach Ringo a lesson as to not keep interfering with Ikki's team because they never asked for it and it would only keep hurting their pride if Ringo kept secretly helping them. This shows that Ringo wants to help her friends in any way she can.

Despite her kind nature, Ringo has shown a cruel, ruthless, and remorseless side when it comes to a fight against her enemies. This was first shown when she (and the Sleeping Forest) attacked Simca out of nowhere and left her half-dead and crippled for six months. She even fought Ikki to prove a point and almost killed him when she fought seriously and didn't show remorse on her part despite her feelings for him. Ikki considered her a traitor for what she did to Simca and fought to prove Sleeping Forest's true intentions (because she didn't want to be enemies with Ikki).

She views A-T as weapons as well as the beings who use them. And believes A-T would be so much more fun if she could run without having to risk her life in a battle in the process. She wishes that it wasn't necessary to keep sharpening skills and abilities that can hurt people. She finds it to be dangerous yet so beautiful.

Once Genesis offered to be Kogarasumaru's underlings, which would effectively make Kogarasumaru and Sleeping Forest mortal enemies.

Ringo is the mortal enemy of Simca and Kururu. Ringo gets rather annoyed and jealous when Ikki is around other girls (usually Simca) and stops it from going too far. Ringo was also stopping Ikki from going to be a part of Genesis possibly because Simca was a part of that team and didn't want to see Ikki get close to her due to Ikki showing romantic interest in her such as how he asks Simca out on a "date" after everything was over, leaving Ringo possibly upset and jealous.

Ringo doesn't think much of herself. At the beginning of the series, she was concerned about Ikki as well as his teammates. And has even attempted to help them on a few occasions despite the fact she wasn't supposed to as it goes against the rules and laws of Sleeping Forest and the tower. She has always stated that Ikki can fly higher than anyone else.

Ringo stated that Ikki is amazing and impressive. However, she does not think she can do things like Ikki. Being knocked down over and over at the same place and repeating failures, again and again, thinking Ikki must have been driven crazy and still never giving up. She thinks she has lived a meaningless life.

She has always been hoping that someone would say "come with me" so that that person could break her meaningless life once and for all. Ringo has since truly started running and doesn't want to regret it. Doing so stopped her from feeling ashamed of having done nothing all day. And states only she could get rid of the old her who was bored and useless. Simca has stated that Ikki's willpower has gone into Ringo.


In the beginning, Ringo is depicted as Ikki's foster sister, although it is hinted that from a young age she has had and continues to have a strong attraction to him. She witnesses his introduction to the A-T world when he is beaten up and humiliated by the leader of the Skull Saders. She then reveals herself to Ikki as a Storm Rider, as well as a member of Sleeping Forest, a legendary Storm Rider team. She lends Ikki his first pair of A-T's, helps him gain his revenge, and afterward teaches him the fundamentals of A-T use. However, she discourages him from disclosing the existence of Sleeping Forest and her membership in it, even as she oversees the formation of his own team, Kogarasumaru.

Ringo continues to support Ikki and Kogarasumaru as in a short time, they battle their way to becoming one of the most notorious and formidable teams. Although her support is mostly in the way of advice, she occasionally lends her direct efforts under the guise of "Croissant Mask", though her need for an alter-ego is not immediately clear. Through Kogarasumaru's battles, it is eventually revealed that Ringo is actually the Thorn Queen, legitimate successor and leader of Sleeping Forest, and therefore a powerful Storm Rider involved with some of the greatest mysteries of the A-T world.

Her position puts her at odds with Ikki when Genesis, a rival team led by migratory bird Simca and determined to overthrow Sleeping Forest, subordinates itself under Kogarasumaru's leadership. However, Ringo continues to support Ikki. When Tridents, one of Genesis' sub-teams, challenges Ikki with the Devil's 33 jump, Ringo places herself at the goal point in lieu of thirty-three actual people lying side-by-side. During this trial, it is revealed that as children, her wish to see their parents encourage Ikki to climb Tokyo Tower, where he is introduced to the sky. It is from that point Ringo draws her belief in Ikki's ability to truly fly and is inspired to find a way to fly along with him.

Ultimately, Ringo's position in Sleeping Forest can no longer be ignored. As the time draws closer to the opening of Tropaion Tower, Sleeping Forest begins targeting all major teams and riders capable of challenging them. Among the victims is Simca, who is attacked and temporarily crippled under Ringo's orders. When Ikki discovers Ringo's role in incapacitating Simca, he considers her a traitor and runs from her. Realizing she has no other method of showing Ikki her and Sleeping Forest's true intentions, Ringo with her alias Crazy Apple, challenges Ikki to a one-on-one Dash-Type Battle. To this end, she is willing to bar his way to Kingship, going so far as to brutally attack him. Her superior experience overwhelms Ikki during the earlier stages of the battle, but Kururu Sumeragi saves him with a mid-air installation of counterfeit Bagram prototype cores. Even using faulty Regalia, Ikki is able to match Ringo's strength. The climax of the battle occurs when Ikki uses the Wind Regalia's Infinity Atmosphere, threatening to kill Ringo with debris driven by high-speed winds. Although she considers letting herself be killed to stop the never-ending battles, Ringo ultimately uses her Infinity Atmosphere to shred apart Ikki's, preventing him from becoming overtaken by the Regalia's deadly power. The battle eventually ends when an exhausted Ringo collapses a few feet from the finish line. Ikki, finally understanding her feelings, decides to make the match a draw by carrying Ringo to the finish line. Afterward, Ikki leaves the Noyamano residence and Ringo kisses him goodbye (though she slaps him right afterward).

Now fully realized as the Wind King and Genesis' leader, Ikki is taken into the Tropaion Tower to meet Sleeping Forest and its true commander, Kilik. Kilik reveals to Ikki the history of the Tropaion Tower and its connection to the Gravity Children, of whom Ringo (and sisters Ume and Mikan) is part of a later generation. Ringo, Ume, and Mikan were, as children, given to Rika, who shortly afterward takes in Ikki. Kilik also reveals why Ringo is considered the leader of Sleeping Forest. The final battle of the Gram Scale Tournament takes place in a descending shaft inside the Tropaion Tower, thereby becoming an enormously pressurized environment. This pressure overwhelms most people, but Ringo's specific capabilities as Thorn Queen makes such an environment her ideal battleground.

Kilik's intent in bringing Ikki inside the Tropaion Tower is to test his worthiness of attaining the Sky Regalia. However, Takeuchi Sora then reveals himself as the real leader of Genesis, having just stolen the Wind Regalia. This betrayal emotionally traumatizes Ikki, who had come to see Sora as an older brother figure. Ringo is helpless to comfort Ikki and afterward her primary duties to Sleeping Forest prevent her from helping Ikki outright any longer. Even so, she continues to support Kogarasumaru indirectly. When Hako and Pyon attempt to attack Kururu, Ringo brings in Tool Toul To to defend her while Ringo fights off Pyon herself. Ringo also uses her "Croissant Mask" guise to offer Kogarasumaru an alternative method for entering the Grand Scale tournament when they are disqualified. Ringo again uses her Croissant Mask guise to help Kururu steal specific metals needed to create Ikki's Storm Regalia.

Ringo's A-T given to her by John Omaha and Emily during the battle between Genesis and Kogarasumaru

At the beginning of the Grand Scale tournament, Ringo appears to Kogarasumaru to tell them that Sleeping Forest and Genesis will be battling in the first round. Before she leaves for that battle, Ringo (in the guise of Croissant Mask) tells Ikki she loves him and tells Kururu to take her place as Kogarasumaru's number-one supporter.

Before the battle between Sleeping Forest and Genesis even begins, Sora reveals that he has taken Rika hostage to draw Sleeping Forest outside of the Tower, where they would have an advantage. Although Ringo is distressed for her sister, she is determined to stay in the Tower, even preventing Mikan from leaving. At the point where the two sisters are about to fight, Ikki calls in, having been told by Aeon Clock the situation. He makes a deal with Kilik: in return for Kilik's tactics for defeating Kogarasumaru's opponents, Sleipnir, Ikki and his team will go to save Rika so that Sleeping Forest can focus on battling Genesis.

Just after Kogarasumaru defeats Sleipnire and is on their way to save Rika, Canon attacks Ringo in the Tower under the pretense of bringing her the new design of her Regalia. He drives her out of the Tower, then reveals that his actions were commanded by Kilik, who encourages Ringo to do what she truly wants to do. Tool Toul To arrives, along with Benkei, Emily, and U.S. President-elect Omaha, to ask for Ringo's help in their next plan: to board Genesis' ship, which houses the A-T technology and resources necessary for them to complete the Storm Regalia. Ringo decides to follow them and en route she encounters and defeats Caesar, who is sent to prevent them.

In Chapter 327, after the battle of Kogarasumaru and Genesis, Ringo was chosen by Ikki to be his tuner since Kururu made herself the power source to control the sinking of the aircraft carrier they're in. In Chapter 328, she accepted the offer.

In Chapter 333, she and Ikki were seen with a new pair of A-T's seemingly Ikki was not the only one with an enhanced A-T after the tuning process at the aircraft. She later gets hit by Sora's attack to protect Ikki and almost freezes from the cold atmosphere if not for Ikki saving her. She later bandages her left eye and seems to be in pain, but endures it and continues with Ikki.

When Ikki and Ringo split up and Ikki stays back to keep Sora and Rika at bay, Ringo continues downward to win the race while commenting how her body feels torn from her injuries and the Sonia Road, feeling like she's poisoned on the inside, but still continues. When Sora blocks her way, she heads outside and continues down despite protests from others stating that if she continues this way in her condition, she'll die and her body will be torn apart. Ringo activates her regalia and thinks to herself that under any circumstances Ikki can do anything that she and everyone else cannot do. So she must try her best. While Simca states Ikki's willpower has gone to Ringo, Ringo performs a trick that creates a spiral of fire. She states that she can now fight like Ikki and says that everyone is watching. So he shouldn't have to reduce his strength in order to save her and everyone else. And wonders if they should start. Indicating that she and Ikki are not using their full strength and that the real battle has just begun.

Three months after the battle with Sora and Rika. Ringo forms a band with Emily and co.

Crazy Apple[]

Crazy Apple, Ringo's serious mode, was first seen on the Wind King - Ikki, vs Thorn Queen - Ringo. Unlike the usual Ringo, her hair seems spiky and more serious in tone. Ultimately, Crazy Apple is more focused on beating up her opponents showing that in this mode, she will never hold back attacking a target.

Crazy Apple Mode

Croissant Mask[]

Ringo as "Croissant Mask".

"Croissant Mask" is the code name for Ikki's number one supporter. It was originally designed by Ringo as one of her alter egos. Her reasons were to protect her status as queen of "new" Sleeping Forest and to quietly be with Ikki. "Croissant Mask" first appeared during Kogarasumaru's fight against Sabeltiger as a helper, an additional fighter not on the team. Over time, she has used the disguise to give advice and information to Ikki and others. At one point, she portrayed herself as "Croissant Mask" in an attempt to steal necessary items to create the original Storm Regalia. Ringo's main outfit was a swimsuit, hat, cape, wig, and big glasses. During the series of events, she has been forced to wear other outfits due to the outfit being stolen or destroyed.

Ringo used Croissant Mask to tell Ikki that she loved him and then passed the torch as the number one supporter to Kururu out of fear of the upcoming battle with Genesis.


Ringo's newest A-T's after the tuning process with Ikki

Ringo is the current Thorn Queen of the Sonia Road, having inherited the position from Rika. Her road focuses on agility and is considered the road with the highest maneuverability, a result of bubbles of nitrogen formed in her joints by pressure caused by hyperventilation. With Sonia Road, the center of the movement is changed from the knees to the hips, which greatly increases flexibility and nimbleness. This aspect limits the Sonia Road to women, as only their hips are capable of enduring the Road's demands.

Ringo herself states that her tricks are not as powerful as the Fangs of the Bloody Road, nor does she have enduring stamina. Fast, relentless attacks are thus key to her victories. The Sonia Road is considered the opposite of the Bloody Road; instead of tearing the opponent's body, Sonia Road tears the user's body, sacrificing it so that the Rider can attain higher flexibility.

With her new pair of A-T's at chapter 333, she and Ikki can jump from flying papers to another while jumping out from their plane and even dodging the "Joseph", a defense mechanism of the Tropaion Tower. By the time of the battle against Sora and Rika, Ringo's R.E.A.D is now 320.


Ringo's Thorn Subregalia is a Pseudo-Regalia called Thorn Reaper - Sonnet, referring to its Infinity Atmosphere. When activated, the back wheels of her ATs turn into superconducting whips. Combined with the agility of her road, these whips can fire Thorns at her enemies in all directions of great speed.

But at the current Chapter - 333 - her A-T's were changed after the tuning process she and Ikki did. Expectedly, she gained a new regalia, considering the fact that her regalia can transform into the Thorn Ultimate Battle Form.


Backward crossing to Spin to One Wheel 360 degrees

Backwheel Crossing to Spin to Onewheel 360 Degrees: one of Ringo's tricks that shows how flexible and smooth her movements could be.

Infinite Chain Turquoise Sonia

Infinite Chain: Turquoise Sonia - Ringo's Infinity Atmosphere. To activate it, Ringo has to deactivate her Regalia briefly and let it charge. Once the charge is complete, she begins to rotate rapidly, firing Thorns indiscriminately and damaging herself as well as her opponent. While the trick's effects are not immediately clear, it was shown to be powerful enough to blow away the Wind Regalia's Infinity Atmosphere and inflict serious damage on the surroundings.

Whips of Thorn

Whip of Thorns - Using the Thorn Regalia, Ringo can manifest these 'whips' using long formations of wind. With her previous Regalia, Ringo was only able to tear apart Ikki's clothes and make him lose speed, but with her new Regalia, she easily shreds the steel composing Caesar's A-T Armor without activating the full extent of her Road.

Thorns - The signature trick of the Sonia Road. Thorns take the shape of long, thin rods of wind with pointed tips. Although Ringo doesn't consider them very powerful, she is capable of firing many of them very quickly, making them quite formidable.

Shock Absorption - With the ability to absorb nitrogen and form bubbles into the joint to add flexibility, a rider can also lessen and loosen the power produced by any 'shockwave' based attacks, e.g. the GOD CRUSHER 'GUNGNIR'. It was first used by Ringo in chapter 339.

Flame Spiral

Flame Spiral'- Ringo activates her Regalia and spins in a spiral-like motion at high speeds heating up the air through the friction of the air and the whips of the thorn regalia creating a spiral of fire around her. Used by Ringo in chapter 342.

Ultimate Battle Form: Like Rika, Ringo's Thorn Regalia has an ultimate battle form that covers her entire body. Ringo states that her clothes have become a part of the form. And that no matter how many clean hits she takes she won't die.



  • "Ringo" means apple or apple tree in Japanese.
  • Ringo's Pseudo-Regalia was one the most prominent regalia to have rapid minor and major changes throughout the manga series