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Rinta "Uncle" Minami is a mysterious scientist whom role is just revealed recently. He is often the source of discussion among the Gravity Children. In Trick 295, he was revealed to be the mysterious "air plane man," seen on multiple occasions throughout the series. He was the one that gives Ikki to the Noyamano family. He is also speculated to be Ikki's Father as they both share the same last name.


Rinta has short-cropped, dark hair with stubble on his chin. He wears a scarf and a hat, along with a dark jacket over a plain T-shirt, light colored slacks and sandals. He has letters imprinted onto his fingernails. With Left Hand

Rinta with the flyers containing a poem, Sleeping Forest

ning from his thumb to his ring finger, with a creature, with bat-like wings on his pinky. These letters appear to spell out DEAR DEVIL.


Rinta is a mysterious man and is a very smart scientist, shown by his robot and airplane and his ability to save Gazelle's son. He is referred to "the man who fights the god" since he thinks that the human race had a flaw in its design, that is, not able to fly. He thinks that the human race should be able to fly since small creatures like butterfly can, he also thinks that the god is "always gets in our way when we are trying to fly", and thus he stamps god as "incompetent", showing his arrogance. It is also unknown as to which side he is on, as while he had created Gazelle/Lind and tried saving them, he had also provided Nike with a robotic counterpart of himself, aiding Genesis (although Nike never actually referred to him by name, it is assumed that the robot was provided by Minami), as well as turning Rika Noyamano into a Brain Charger for currently unknown reasons.


Rinta, talking to Kaito

Ten years ago, he sends the AT armour to Kaito Wanijima so he could use it to save Gazelle, and talks to him through it, telling him that he must save her "wings" and that "Fighting is the only way to ensure the world changes". About half a year later, he recovered Gazelle's body from the frozen sea and saved the child she was carrying, but having to age him in the process, and give him a consciousness to bear with the rapid age increase, creating the Lind persona of Agito/Akito/Lind_Wanijima. He sat on board a kind of air ship, watching as the child was brought into Kaito's home, and complaining about how Gazelle had failed, claiming he thought she was his "greatest masterpiece" and that the problem must have been the XX chromosomes. A woman, who he calls "Noyamano-kun", interrupts him by kissing him and stating that she had spent the night out with Rika and scolds him for challenging God. She tells him to come in but before he simply states that "He's not bad at all, this guy named "God"".

Some time in the past, Rinta created the first of the Gravity Children, children who have been specialy modified to grant them the ability to use ATs with unhuman skill and literally fly, among them were Falko, Black Burn, Spitfire, Dontores, Kilik, Sora, Nike, Simca, Rune, Om and Gabishi. However, Rinta also held research into the Brain Charger Project, a less expensive alternative to the Gravity Children.

At another, unknown point he gives Ringo, Ume, and Mikan to Rika Noyamano.

After the creation of team Sleipnir from the Brain Charger Project, Rinta remained on good tearms with Utgardr-Loki, going to see him when called out.

About a year after Sora started riding, Rinta approached him and presumably taught him how to use the Wind Regalia, in effect creating the very first Wind King. It is also revealed that he was the one to write "Welcome To NightMare" on the Regalia.


Rinta's first appearance in the story come just before Kogarasumaru's battle against Sleipnir and Jiggy. Where he rides on the same train as them and throws paper planes made from Jiggy's leaflets out of the window, when Ikki leans in to talk to him and praises him on the planes, he says that it has come from years of experience, and proceeds to talk to him about how until lift was discovered, humans sought to tackle the sky using all the force they could, he then tells Ikki that "Fighting is what changes the world" which is very similar to what he told Kaito 10 years ago.

He then goes with Kogarasumaru to Jiggi's base and reveals to them that Jiggi was recently beaten by a powerful team, Sleipnir and announces the start of the match. Rinta serves as a commentator throughout the match and reports on interesting events from a helicopter flying around the battle field.

He later appears in a plane parked at the opposite end of the Aircraft carrier to where Ikki and co. are fighting Nue, and watching intently. Berating God for making it so that humans cannot fly. He states that in the 20 years since Gazelle was created, he's created a new "folding technique" (which may also imply that ikki may be a gravity child), which corrects the mistakes of the past. He later leaves the plane and begins walking around the ship, opening doors with his hand print, talking about how he used to keep a bird, but he hated it as it could fly, so he prevented it from doing so and places that as the reason why Gazelle failed. Watching Lind and Arthur's fight on a handheld screen, he berates himself, for committing the same mistake as God, that is, not allowing his creations to fly.