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Rising Road specializes in the offensive applications of electric and magnetic energy. It converts kinetic energy from the Rider's run into an electromagnetic field, enabling a skilled Storm Rider to create illusions and manipulate electricity for their own benefit. Ultimately, however, the Road's greatest strength lies in numbers, as demonstrated by Thunder King Nue and his team Black Crow. By applying illusions directly onto teammates, riders can create monsters actually capable of striking their enemies. Moreover, by using teammates to magnify the scale of his Infinity Atmosphere, Nue can create a giant formation of ice and lightning that easily pushes back an entire team of A-rank Storm Riders.


  • Get Together - By manipulating electricity in his surroundings, Nue is capable of generating a magnetic field that draws all metallic objects to the ground. He uses this to disarm Wind G-Men agents after the Behemoth match, and then to hold Gabishi down in preparation for his Infinity Atmosphere ability.
  • Alpha Waves - By using the Rising Road he can create powerful Illusions.
  • Atmosphere Max - Once his desired target is completely entangled by his wires, Nue generates a large surge of electricity from his Regalia and sends it through the wires, essentially cooking the afflicted enemy. Even Gabishi, a King-level Gravity Child and a member of Sleeping Forest, was instantly knocked out by this trick. This is the Infinity Atmosphere of the Thunder Regalia.
  • Illusions - Nue uses his Regalia to mess with his enemy's brain waves, causing them to hallucinate and see things that aren't real. He uses this to great effect with the help of his team, who can actually strike foes (making the trick even more convincing).
  • Lightning Spider Net - Nue ensnares an opponent in his wire system and proceeds to electrocute them. According to Ikki, Nue's version of this trick is nowhere near Black Burn's level, suggesting a significant power gap between the two Thunder Kings.
  • Thunder Road: Direct Current - With the assistance of his team Black Crow, Nue creates an enlarged version of a Peltier effect to amplify the power of his road and nullify the Rising Road's weakness to the Flame Road.
  • Thunder Road Final Form: Electric Titan "Thunderbolt Snowman" - Using the snow created by his Direct Current trick, Nue surrounds himself with a snowman made of electrified particles held together by his team and the wire system of his Regalia.
  • Electrical Burst - Seen when Kilik and Sora meet again. Onibasu used this trick to release a burst of electricity seeming to require direct contact. With enough power to destroy a helicopter.
  • Entangle - Like the other Thunder Kings, Onibasu can also use his magnetic straps the same way that the Lightning Spider Net could to wrap a target. But the difference is, it does not emit a large amount of electricity that could burn the skin rather that it only paralyzes the body making it immobilized via the magnetic waves affecting the brain movement.