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Rock Road[]

Rock Road in action.

The Rock Road is a Road solely ridden by Buccha, it allows Buccha to emit and release vibrations, there is also there is over ten times amount of blood flowing in his body than a normal human and huge amount of oxygen stored in the hemoglobins of that blood. His blood itself is a huge oxygen tank, so he can hold his breath for over twenty minutes. He can also turn his body into a reflective stone wall and pushes back shock waves (meaning that the Over Road and Wing Road would be totally useless against the Rock Road but would help the Hurricane Road). It utilizes the "ultimate wave" principle and makes Buccha able to withstand large water pressure, however this Road can only be used if you have a strong muscular build otherwise you would be crushed.


  • Bump Up Reversal: Buccha uses Bump Up on his lower body, effectively increasing his speed and the strength of his legs. This also allows him to enter High Speed Light Tank Mode.
  • Hammerhead Death: Buccha launches himself off of a wall torwards his opponent.
  • Enlightenment Pump Up V3: Buccha pumps up the blood from his body to his arms and uses the iron in his blood to increase his diving ability.
  • Buccha Snowplow: Using the hands as a plow, pushing and pulling motion, diving underwater, it adds up to the acceleration due to that the weight now will be centered upon the palms.
  • Bump Up: Buccha transfers all the blood in his upper body to his muscles.
  • Buccha Tornado: Ikki uses Pile Tornado to propel Buccha at high speeds towards the enemy the only damage Buccha gets is dizziness.
  • High Speed Light Tank Mode: This form allows Buccha to move faster that normal, in order to enter this mode he must first use Bump Up Reversal.