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Ram Jet is the Rumble Regalia, and its Infinity Atmosphere is Infinity Track. Its core is a turbine chamber into which air is forced, compressed and heated into supercritical fluid, increasing its destructive capabilities.

Rumble Wall

The original Regalia has two distinct iterations: The original was a boombox-shaped piece of equipment that attached to the user's arms upon activation. It depended on the user's strength and when deployed, the attachments transform into claw-like appendages. The second iteration is completely integrated the core into an AT. When deployed, the wheels split apart to reveal nozzles, increasing air intake. The wheels themselves act as the turbines.
There have been two Sub Regalias made: One is a complete suit that encases the user entirely. When activated, the suit completely opens to reveal the user and two turbines appear on each side of the chest of the suit. The other is incorporated entirely into the body of the user. When activated four turbines, which intake or expell compressed air, appear on the users chest which is where the users lungs would be and four tubrines on the users back.
After Yoshitsune's death, the regalia was given to Ikki by Benkei so it could help him in his mission of conquering Trophaeum tower. Later, regalia was disassembled in favor of making a regalia customized for Ikki, the Storm regalia.


  • Dontores (of the original Sleeping Forest)
  • Yoshitsune (of Trident)
  • Nina (of the current Sleeping Forest)(Sub-Regalia)
  • Arthur (of Genesis)(Sub-Regalia)
  • Minami Itsuki (scraped for parts, combined with Wind Regalia)


Wind Absorption - By activating the Rumble Regalia with a high-speed kick, Yoshitsune can absorb an enemy's wind-based technique and use its power for his own purposes. This ability is capable of absorbing even Agito's Leviathan Fang without taxing Yoshitsune too heavily.

Rumble Wall - By releasing absorbed air along with the heat from his wheels, Yoshitsune creates walls of air that can block attacks and push enemies away. Proportionately larger and stronger walls are even capable of repelling solid projectiles, as seen when Yoshitsune repels a metal slug back into the barrel of a massive AT rail gun (causing its destruction). Although he is worn out after this, Yoshitsune states that he overdid it by creating a wall that was overly powerful for what he was blocking.

Audience of the Over Road - A technique, originally demonstrated by Dontores of the original Sleeping Forest, that is used in enclosed areas and amplifies his strength many times over. This technique operates by using the reverberation of continuous amounts of air produced against the enclosed walls to act as echoes and hammer against the opponent. It is called his "audience of the over road" since the echoes respond like the audience of a crowd of tens of thousands of people.


  • The "windmill principle" that the Rumble Regalia utilizes is actually based on an actual airbreathing jet engine that is used in many of today's air crafts. The name of this airbreathing jet engine is also called the ramjet, which is where the name of the Rumble Regalia is derived from.