Air Gear Wiki

In the beginning, there were only a small handful of young men and women whom had taken to the streets of Japan and made it their playground. These individuals had come to be known as "Storm Riders"; great athletes who competed against each other using the incredible motorized inline skates that were dubbed "Air Treks". The gear they used had freed them from the shackles and allowed them to fly in the great theater of competition known as Parts Wars. It was not long before gifted mechanics who called themselves "Link Tuners", entered the scene and improved the Air Gear to allow their riders to run faster, fly higher, and hit harder. As the competition grew ever more fierce, these young men and women had truly become Kings of the Sky.

The year is now 2025 and Air Gear has become entrenched into the very culture of Japan, becoming one of the world's most watched sports in recorded history. As corporations lined up multi-million dollar sponsorship deals and law enforcement tried to reign in their freedom; Storm Riders and Link Tuners persisted. More young people would continue to join their world, enamored by the promise of freedom that Air Treks seemed to provide. As a new member of this brave world, what will you do? Will you participate and compete for fame and fortune? Or will you rebel and crush the status quo that would restrict your freedom? 

The choice is yours. 

As a new member this competitive world of Air Treks, you will have the opportunity to walk your own road and explore your own potential. Be it Storm Rider or Link Tuner, professional athlete or underground brawler, even a genius mechanic or mad scientist. Whatever your path, you can rest assured that the SKY welcomes you.