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Sarome is not a gravity child, but is still aboard Nike's Ship. She is the great-grand daughter of a rich Arab who had invested in Genesis 's "project". Sarome is confronted by Onigiri after he splits from Aeon and Buccha, calling herself Genesis' Thorn Queen. Onigiri, upon confronting her, first defeats her servant, explaining that she was even weaker than him (resulting in him believing she wasn't the King). She takes him anyway, but he makes short work of her and ends up stripping her naked. In frustration she reveals her body to him fully, saying "You want to see me naked that badly!? Fine! Look all you want!"

After Onigiri gives up fighting her, having lost his excitement at her lack of shame, he whispers censored words to her. She is so scandalized that she screams in embarrasment at what he says, leading her servant to finally announce their defeat.

She is then attacked by Nike, who appears and scolds her for her weakness. Using some sort of move, she charges Nike only to have her head turned completely around, and her body limply tossed on the ground.

Princess Sarome using her Thorn Regalia, aka Thorns of the Stars

It was revealed that she first saw Rika during an A-T battle, in which she witnessed it inside her car. She was determined to win against Onigiri in order to prevent Rika from being brainwashed.

A G-men soldier found a dying girl whose neck was twisted and almost snapped.

Shown on the first page of chapter 326, despite her neck being twisted by Nike, a soldier from the G-men finds a girl who was dying but still alive. He said that just a little more and her neck would have snapped. On the final chapter, she is shown exiting an expensive Pig themed Limo with Onigiri, now her boyfriend. They are doting on each other happily, Onigiri now enjoying her wealth and company.


Thorns of the Stars was used by Princess Sarome to surround Onigiri with her Thorns

Thorns of the Stars - The first trick that emphasizes the utilization of a whip like structure to surround a target, thus, the rider can easily entangle it to the target. Its full potential was not clearly seen as Onigiri can easily slid through using his Smell Road .

Al-Burooj Adh-Dhariyat (The Big Stars that Scatters Winds)! Aplha-Gel Ah Shams Al Infedahl - a trick once used by Sarome in stopping Nike but was unsuccesful. It's current effects aren't clear except for it somewhat relates with the Sonia Road's Infinity Atmosphere .

Al-Burooj Adh-Dhariyat (The Big Stars that Scatters Winds)! Aplha-Gel Ah Shams Al Infedahl