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Shalott is one of the 58 Gravity Children aboard the aircraft carrier that serves as Genesis's base of operations. Although he once held the potential to serve as a King, the injuries he suffered as a result of Nike have weakened him and forced him instead to serve as Arthur's life support.


As a second generation Gravity Child, Shalott was put through an elimination process similar to that of the first generation, overseen by Nike. He forms a relationship with Arthur, one of the less able children and a potential 'reject'. However, Shalott is severely wounded by Nike when attempting to motivate Arthur. Undergoing a risky operation performed by a Dr. Minami, Arthur transplants all his organs into Shalott, with the Rumble Regalia being transplanted into his body in turn. Since then, they have been literally inseparable, with Arthur pledging to allegiance to Shalott as his master, and Shalott likewise vowing to make Arthur the strongest 'King'.

Shallot and Arthur battle Agito on Genesis' battleship, and although their Over Road poses a challenge to the Fang King, Lind's personality emerges and eventually attains victory in combination with Kaito. Shallot is the first of the pair to fall, sacrificing himself to protect Arthur from an explosion that would have killed him. Afterwards, a ghostly apparation of Shallot asks Agito to kill Nike for him.

Appearance and Personality[]

While appearing as a Lolita dressed in Victorian-era clothing, Shalott is actually a cross-dressing male. His mannerisms are also extremely feminine, adding to the illusion of gender. He is disdainful and arrogant, describing others as slugs and treating them as such. He carries a rapier-shaped whip which serves as a secondary weapon.

Abilities and A·T[]

A second generation Gravity Child, Shalott is a King-level rider specializing in the Over Road - he once complained that if not for Arthur, he would have received the Rumble Regalia. His A·Ts resemble a pair of high-heeled boots with turbines in them. Shalott is also capable of forming illusions via retro-reflection. Much to the surprise of Kaito, Shalott is able to withstand a great amount of pain in his scrotum, due to "training"


Mirror Country - By using Arthur as a distraction and hiding in reflections generated through 'optical phase conjugation', Shalott is able to hide from his enemies and deliver attacks matching any damage Arthur receives, creating the illusion that Arthur is returning his attacks to his enemy without touching them.

Mirrored Rumble Wall - Shalott's variation of the ubiquitous Rumble Wall technique favored by other Rumble Kings involves creating a large array of "mirrors" that reflect wind-based techniques while retaining their original shape. It is even powerful enough to reflect a Bloody Blade Fang powered by Lind's will without putting any strain on Shalott.

Mirrored Rumble Wall