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Simca is a main supporting character in the series and is also known as the "Swallow". She is the secondary female protagonist of the series along with being a Gravity Child and the younger twin sister of Kilik.


Simca's first appearance

At the beginning of the series, Simca has very long pink hair. She wears a Tool Toul To hat with goggles, a dress-like long sleeve shirt with a backpack, and short pants.

Before Simca submitted Genesis to Ikki, she cut her long pink hair into shoulder length (on episode 21 of the anime and chapter 83 of the manga) and wears a long tie. She has very large and soft breasts, as stated by Ikki.

Since Simca cut her hair short, she has worn many different clothes for each of her appearances.

Certain occasions make Simca "The Migratory Bird" to be "featherless", but she does not seem to be bother by it.  

As a first-generation Gravity Child, Simca is in her twenties.

in the epilogue, Simca's hair is (almost) long again than at the beginning.


Simca is cheerful, energetic, friendly, polite, care-free, calm, laid-back, and kind towards others. She is always usually friendly towards others and smiles most of the time. She is very caring towards her friends and always tries to help them whenever she can. She also is against the idea of needless bloodshed, such as when she had Behemoth incapacitate the weaker teams so they wouldn't get caught up in the Parts Wars so others won't get killed. She hates when her friends are hurt and is touched by when others try to help anyone who needs help.

Simca is very flirtatious, constantly flirting with Ikki on more than one occasion and even allowing him to see her naked on more than one occasion. This is due to her strong feelings for him (which is later developed into love). She doesn't appear to have much modesty, as she isn't uncomfortable dressing in revealing clothing (though she usually does it to impress Ikki or get his attention) and at points to show off her figure and is confident in her sex appeal.

However, Simca is serious when the situation demands it, such as when her friends' lives are on the line; she doesn't hesitate to assist them in any way. Such as when Gorgon's body was left in her care, she refused to abandon her at the hands of Drake and fought him to protect her friends. Simca has also shown great bravery on more than one occasion, such as when Nike tried to sexually assault her and tried to kiss her, she played along and showed no fear towards him (though she later broke down terrified of what he did and prayed for Ikki and his team to be safe). After Nike was defeated by Kazu, Simca finally stood up against him and punched him in the face for everything he did and told him he would never be allowed to touch her again.

Surprisingly, Simca has shown quite a strong sense of wisdom for her age, such as giving Ikki and his friend's words of advice and telling Ringo not to keep interfering with Kogarasumaru's fights as they never asked for her help and that Ringo trying to help them would only insult their pride. Even Ringo (albeit reluctantly) admitted she was right. Even Sano has been impressed by her wisdom.

Simca seems to be fond of singing. She sings whenever she feels like it or to encourage others to not give up, such as she sang in the genesis ship to encourage Ikki by trying to inspire him to win his upcoming battle. She is also quite good at her singing.

Like Ikki, Simca loves Air Treck and loves to use it to feel the wind in her hair like she was flying.


When first introduced, she works at a store called Mamurasaki Sports, where, among other equipment, Air Trecks and Air Treck parts are sold. Although part-time, she quits, later on, to dedicate time to her team. (This part hasn't been stated in the anime). Simca's intent is to gather all the Kings, and their Regalia, for the purpose of conquering the Trophaeum Tower, and acquiring the Sky Regalia. She takes a great interest in Ikki, whom she believes is destined to one day become the legendary Shitaku, and who has practically idolized her since watching her ride AT through his neighborhood. Despite protests, she convinces Ikki to take the Storm Rider team Genesis under his leadership after Kogarasumaru's triumph over Behemoth, and her interactions with Ikki eventually draws the ire of the new Sleeping Forest team, led by Noyamano Ringo.

She also appears to have a somewhat romantic interest in Ikki, and is not hesitant to allow him to grope her breasts. Though Ikki has no objections, and appears to have a crush on Simca, it is Ringo who always stops Simca from getting out of hand. These actions are not so persistent, and after the defeat of Behemoth, her character takes a dramatic change which is noted by Spitfire soon after.

At a later point, Simca had her hair cut short and her usual care-free attitude of "Migratory Bird" has all but disappeared, especially when anything related to Ikki is concerned (who Simca now has fallen in love with by having a feeling of a wind blowing in her heart about him). She constantly tried to get Ikki to formally sign on as head of Genesis but he refused, even calling her his "enemy" something that brought tears to her eyes moments before she was attacked by Sleeping Forest.

Simca, disabled after being attacked by Sleeping Forest.

She is currently bound to a wheelchair due to injuries sustained from Om's Bubblegum Crisis attack. It would be proven that the person who attacked her was actually Ringo. This was due to them being enemies and Ringo almost killed Simca, causing Ikki to consider Ringo a traitor. This is proven to be only temporary, as revealed by Ringo. In reality, the 6 months of recovery is long enough to keep Simca out of harm's way in the upcoming battle (which was Ringo's intention to keep her from getting hurt and in the way of others).

During her time at the hospital, she began to remember what happened and, after calming down, she noticed Ikki sleeping in the chair next to her bed. She crawled out despite the pain and commented that he was too late. She snuggled up to him while being happy that he was there for her. She commented to herself that he's usually like a powerful and tempestuous wind, and yet when bundled up next to him, he's so peaceful and warm.

After being released from the hospital and after the intentions of the Takeuchi brothers are revealed, she is seen onboard Nike's ship, where he aggressively expresses his sexual attraction to her by sexually assaulting her by ripping her dress off and groping her breasts and almost kissing her on the lips. Although Simca plays along with Nike's advances, she prays for Kogarasumaru's safety and victory soon after. Simca is again seen meeting with Ringo and Kururu Sumeragi to give Ikki the way to enter the Gram Scale tournament since they were disqualified. A struggle to see who could pass this information to Ikki first soon ensued. During the meeting she appears to be hoping to get a kiss from Ikki (ironically, so were Ringo and Kururu, though both attempted to deny this). This was interrupted when Kazu found out about the method and told Ikki himself. Simca then waits for a helicopter to pick her up once the meeting was over. While waiting, Ikki later asks her out to go on a "date" with her once the tournament ends, telling her to meet in the place where he discovered ATs which he means if she would like to run with him after everything is over. Upon hearing this she sheds tears of happiness and accepts the invitation. After she boards back with Nike and Sora, she says the reason why she likes him so much is because of him being able to look so strong in one small moment, and is seen crying tears of happiness and smiling at Ikki as they leave. During this time, it is revealed that Simca was one of the first-generation Gravity Children, along with Spitfire, Kilik, Sora, and others, and that she is also Kilik's twin sister.

It is later revealed that Simca, under Makigami Ine's wing, was one of the founding members of Tool Toul To when the original Sleeping Forest was still around; and apparently held an exceptional amount of talent as a Tuner. She witnessed the aftermath of Takeuchi Sora, the original Wind King and candidate for the Sky King title, being betrayed by Kilik, the former Gem King, and her twin brother.

Simca singing for Ikki

In chapter 268, Simca has regained the use of her legs, or at least is able to stand on them to a degree. She is currently on board Genesis ship watching over Mimasaka Ryo unconscious body, she also sings for Ikki trying to inspire him to win his upcoming battle.

Simca is later confronted by Drake while she attempts to free Gorgon. He rips Simca's clothes off and tells her that Gorgon is an important hostage, and that they must not let her go or else Genesis will not be able to control Aeon Clock or the Sano corporation. Simca calmly tells Drake that he should do something more useful instead of messing with an innocent girl like her. She taunts Drake to do what he wishes but Sano and Nike will come after him. Drake grabs Simca, told her to close her mouth, and threatens to cut her body parts off. Drake voiced his confidence that Sano will not show up to rescue her : the reason being that his opponent is the newly powerful "Flame King" of Genesis Alexander Locke (ironically, Locke is locked between a hatch door and defeated quickly by Sano). Afterward, Drake is distracted when Gorgon regains consciousness, and Simca quickly activates her wheelchair and guides it toward Drake. The wheelchair breaks the container of Gorgon and crushes Drake. Simca tells Gorgon that they need to get off the ship.

Simca impaled by Nike

During the battle between Kazu and Nike, Nike is losing to Kazu. An ordnance explodes and sends both Nike and Kazu falling down to the level where Simca is. While Nike is falling down, he has a flashback of the time when he was trying to escape the "Tower" along with other Gravity Children, and he remembers being saved by Kilik and encouraged by Simca on their way to reach the "sky". Seeing the explosion, Simca closes her eyes, but when she opens them, she sees Nike is on top of her, shielding her from the fragments of the exploded ordnance. While looking at Simca, Nike figures out that his only weakness was Simca. Nike seemingly stabs Simca. While holding Simca in his arms, Nike looks at her, starts to fling her, and holds her by the leg and arm, and Nike press his AT on Simca's torso and launches her toward Kazu, forces Kazu to catch her. Utilizing the opportunity Nike is trying to attack Kazu, but Benkei saves Kazu and Simca by slicing off Nike's right leg, at the expense of Benkei's organs being ruptured and her weapon destroyed by Nike's violent vibration from his AT. When Nike is defeated by a huge core falling on him after being critically wounded by Kazu's attack,Ikki, who appeared before Kazu's final strike in the battle, calls out to Simca. Simca reveals that she is physically fine, the blood covering her having actually belonged to Nike. Simca tells Ikki that Nike hits her hard enough to stop her from moving for a moment, and the blood on her chest is Nike's blood. Ikki gives Simca his jacket. As Ikki is carrying Onigiri and Kazu away, Simca thanks Ikki for showing the two of them "how to spread their wings" and that "anyone can fly as long as they spread their wings". After knowing that Rika is brainwashed, Simca states that Rika is now more powerful than Nike. Simca recovered the Gem Regalia from Nike and "bounced" them to Ikki using her breast.

Nike is shown to have survived and is placed on a gurney in a helicopter with Simca beside him. When he is asked by a detective, whose son had been presumably killed by Nike, Nike murmurs about how others are "flies". While looking at the key that is believed to lead to the chamber in which Rika was imprisoned, Simca tells Nike that Sora knows about the secret of the Sky Regalia, and the secret is in the key she is holding. An enraged Nike attempts to rise from the gurney but is slapped down by Simca before she squeezes his bloody nose and sits on his face, seemingly suffocating him. Simca tells Nike that Sora is using him and Nike is surprisingly her type. Simca tells Nike that she would dress or undress, whatever pleases him, but she will never let him touch her again.

Simca, three months later...

Fully recovered, Simca returns with her swallow to Ikki as a solo Storm Rider as she once was: "Ramble Clover", and proceeds on a promise date with him.

Simca tells the others not to join the battle of Ikki and Ringo against Sora and Rika, and she tells them that they should have faith in Ikki and Ringo. Simca states Ikki's willpower has gone to Ringo and that if one strong person is enough to compensate for the weakness of other members, what everyone should do is spread their strong wings like Ikki did.

Three months after Sora's defeat, Simca became a freelance journalist who records the epilogue. During the end of the epilogue and story, it is revealed that she still remains a Storm Rider along with being a journalist, her new emblem is named "Ramble Clover".

When she rides with Ikki under the disguise shortly after she places her newly designed sticker on Kogarasumaru's, which signifies challenging or declaring Parts War. Simca removes her helmet, revealing herself to him before she kisses him. Then she and Ikki proceed on a promise date together, implying she's not giving up on him.


Simca is a rider of the Ring Road. She is said to be just as skilled as Kururu. She wears unique looking but nothing out of the ordinary ATs. They are black over-knee boots that look like a pair of high heels with a single wheel at the front. She once had her own Regalia, but their current status and whereabouts are unknown. She is masterful in the art of riding, being able to perform difficult tricks, run fast, and climb buildings, but she lacks actual fighting abilities as stated by Ringo.

Being a Gravity Child, she possesses physical strength much greater than an ordinary human. In chapter 334, she was shown to be able to send Nike, a muscular man of much greater stature and weight, flying and the impact left an indent on his face. She also possesses a twinkling eye which gives her superior and natural riding abilities.


Itsuki Minami[]

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Simca has shown to have a romantic interest in Ikki. She appears naked to him nearly every time they meet. She has no hesitance to let him grope her breasts. There are various times where they had almost kissed. She always rewards him erotically in some cases and is always there for him. Her feeling for him goes largely unaddressed throughout the series, such as kissing him once on the cheek for saving her from the Rez Boa Dogs team. Simca has told Ringo that her feelings for Ikki are real and she is serious about him. In the beginning, she only showed her attention to him because she wanted him to join her team, but refused because they were enemies, which left her walking away in tears before Ringo attacked her. However, she showed he was the only man she ever had feelings for that were real, unlike some of the others she may have shown. Simca's feelings for him are derived from him being able to look so strong in one small moment and believe he is truly strong. She also likes him for being a strong man, stating she likes strong men and considers him handsome. Her feelings for him would later grow into affectionate, romantic love. Almost every time they are together she talks very relaxed to him, happy and cheerful, even in serious situations. She gets very excited when he asks her out on a date and actually hopes for a kiss from him. Simca has shown great rage whenever Ikki is laughed at or insulted, such as when Nike and Sora were laughing at Ikki's situation about not being able to get in the Gram Scale Tournament, Simca was infuriated and gave a terrifying look to the brothers when they couldn't see her. She also has a strong amount of trust in him, going as far as to give him her brothers Gem Regalia to fight Sora. Ikki himself in the beginning has also shown romantic interests in her, such as acting very excited for her "reward" when they first met and when she kissed him on the cheek. He has on more than one occasion wanted to kiss her and even dreamed about her kissing him. He is also rather protective of her and worries about her well-being, going as far as to stay at the hospital till she wakes up and she crawls over to where he's sitting and cuddles up with him as thanks. He even showed great anger when he found out she was attacked and cried over her condition and blamed himself for what happened, showing a deep care for her. However, Ikki has started to show love towards Ringo, though he did promise Simca after all this was over he would run with her afterward on a date, much to her happiness. Simca is aware that Ikki has chosen Ringo over her, claiming Ikki will probably move on from her to Ringo. In the Epilogue chapter of the air gear manga, it's shown that Ikki's interest returns to Simca as he sees her once again, Simca being there to ask for their promised date, and Ikki more than gladly agrees, feeling special that she even remembered.


Early on in the series, Simca is seen with Spitfire a lot. They seem to have a close friendship and often talk to each other about certain things (usually regarding Ikki and his team). They've known each other for years and know each other very well. Like Sano, Spitfire would give Simca some good advice and Spitfire was the one who cut her hair when she asked for it (due to her newfound love for Ikki).


Kilik is Simca's twin brother. It is unknown if she was ever aware of Kilik's feelings for Rika. It can be assumed that Simca was close to her brother, despite being on separate teams and is aware of the talent her brother possesses. Despite being siblings, they haven't been shown interacting much in the series except on rare occasions and haven't talked to each other yet. It's fairly obvious that both Simca and her brother love each other very much as family. It is unknown if Simca is aware of her brother's death at the hands of Sora.

Ringo Noyamano[]

Simca and Ringo do not see eye to eye when it comes to Ikki, due to the fact that both girls love him. Simca even stole her outfit for Croissant Mask to teach her a lesson in battle and to have faith in Ikki and his team. In fact, it was Ringo that caused Simca to almost be crippled due to her attacking Simca after she talked with Ikki. Ringo showed no remorse for attacking Simca, doing so because they're enemies. However, Ringo only did this so Simca would be out of harms way for the upcoming battles and so Sleeping Forest would not cause more bloodshed than it already has and didn't kill her despite knowing that she survived. However, Simca did show that she was upset by what she and her team did to her. Ringo tends to get very irritated by Simca's interactions with Ikki (which usually involved her appearing naked to him at some times) and stops it from going too far. Simca told Ringo in the beginning that if Ringo doesn't have any interest in Ikki, then she let her take him because Simca proved she was serious about her feelings towards him. Ringo even realized what Simca said at that time when Simca pointed out Ringo would bring Ikki down due to them being enemies (which Ringo would realize she was right and almost killed Ikki in their match). Ringo has even shown jealousy towards Simca due to Ikki showing interest in her and making Ringo irritated with the affection she showed her in the beginning. They both do especially care about Ikki's feelings to both of them and their feelings for them and both try to get his attention anyway they can. Recently, Ikki has started to show romantic love towards Ringo, however, whether or not Simca knows or will do something about it or not is unknown. Later on, it was shown that Ringo did feel some regret for crippling Simca, which lead her to concede and allowing Simca to be the one to make sure Ikki's skills remain sharp, but she is far from having become tolerant towards Simca's affection for Ikki, burning with rage as Simca kissed Ikki and stating she may let Simca keep Ikki in top shape but she would never let her try anything else with Ikki, making it clear that she would not be held herself responsible for whatever she will do to Simca should she take Ikki.

Nike Takeuchi[]

Nike is in love with Simca. She does not like him back but acts as she does when he is around. Nike is obsessed with Simca to the point that he told her she belongs to him and no one else. Nike even sexually assaulted her by ripping off her dress and groping her breasts. He almost kissed her on the lips. But, Simca didn't keep him away and acted as if she were in love with him. When he was gone, it was revealed that Simca was just acting and wasn't in love with Nike and broke down and was terrified of what he tried to do to her and prayed for Ikki and the others to be safe. She detests his ruthlessness towards her and her friends and the only reason she puts up with him is that she knows of the danger he possesses and what he can do to her friends. In fact, he tried to kill her to remove the one thing that was holding him back. Simca even gave Nike and his brother an evil look whenever they laugh or insult Ikki. By the time of his defeat, she took pity on him due to what he's become and finally stood up to him and punched him in the face stating that Sora used him. She then sat on his face and told him she would wear an apron or whatever he wants and take care of him, but coldly and ruthlessly stated she would never allow him to lay a finger on her again.



  • In the extras of Air Gear Volume 3, the author shows that Simca had a much different character design which consisted of a tank top, long arm gloves and pants, and different shaped goggles, before her final image.
  • Simca's name may or may not have been influenced by the French automaker with the same name, whose logo depicts a swallow.
  • Simca is probably based on Gum from Jet Set Radio, a female character with an outfit similar to Simca.
  • Simca's "real reward" that she gave Ikki was different in anime and manga. In the manga, she took off her shirt and showed her breasts to Ikki. In the anime adaptation, she let Ikki grope her breasts.