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The first storm rider team introduced in the series and the first team Ikki defeated "unofficially". The Skull Saders [Skull & Crusaders] like to bring their entire team to matches so that they can greatly outnumber their opponents. None of the Skull Saders like to fight fair, employing lots of homemade weapons to beat their opponents into submission. After Ikki defeated their leader, it's presumed the Skull Saders disbanded.

it's showed that this team is so well-known that a school teacher is shown being scared of them and it's implied they've done various gang like acts.


Skull Saders members

  • Magaki Kouji (Leader): It is known that Kouji's behaviour is quite ruthless and perverted as it's implied he has rape and showed doing various vile sexual deeds.

He is shown to be very powerful destroying two bouncers from an underground establishment. Then, later seen that Agito at his brother's behest destroys him to arrest him.