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Sora kills Kilik as he claimed the title of Sky King

Ikki after defeating Sora thus becoming the new Sky King and saving Sora from falling.

The Sky King is the rider who is closest to the sky. When the Eight Kings come together along with all twenty-two Rune Codes, The next in line for Sky King (The Wind King of the Wing Road) would obtain the Sky Regalia thus becoming the Sky King. Sora Takeuchi having already collected all Twenty Rune codes (fourteen of the lesser roads, the seven of the Sleeping forest, and the Sonia Road Rune code, having grafted Gazelle's mind into Rika), he was able to activate the Sky Regalia, thus becoming the Sky King. However, Ikki Minami has defeated Sora thus, hailed him and became the new Sky King. Ikki is the present and the current Sky King after the gram scale tournament at the tower of tropheum.

Ikki was held as the ultimate sky king because of his mastery of the sky regalia. He alone was able to control its power unlike Sora who's body was breaking down due to lack of air in his technique. Ikki mastered it by becoming one with the air around him because his mind is in a drift, relax state unlike Sora who was obsessed with keeping the power to himself. As for Ikki he doesn't care about being on top of anything or keeping the power to himself.

He is just enjoying the feeling of being loved by the wind.

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