For the team that was the Old Sleeping Forest, please see Inorganic Net.

Using Regalia to destroy Regalia is the definition of our existence

The team currently known as Sleeping Forest is the hidden ruler of the A-T world. Its leader is Ringo Noyamano; however, Kilik is the actual commander of the team. They are in a mutual alliance with Team Kogarasumaru.


The purpose of Sleeping Forest is captured by this poem, which appears often in the earlier portions of the manga:

"The trees entangle their arms and

stretch upward into the sky."

"The budding leaves devour the light, adding depth to the forest's darkness."

"The hunter does not notice the glare nor the claws of the beast biding in the darkness."

"Tonight is the night when the hunter will be hunted."

"This is the Sleeping Forest."


Sleeping Forest vs Kilik

Original Sleeping Forest without Rika vs Kilik

Sleeping Forest was originally founded by Sora and Kilik to protect the Sky Regalia from Storm Riders. Sora and Kilik along with Spitfire, Black Burn, Dontores, Falko, Ine, and Rika ruled over Storm Riders as the 8 Kings of the 8 Roads. However, after learning of Rika's sisters and Sora's true motives to let the Sky Regalia out into the world, Kilik overtakes Sleeping Forest by defeating its members. He becomes the leader of the new Sleeping Forest and keeps the Sky Regalia locked away in Tropaion Tower.


Air gear ova-5044

The New Sleeping Forest

Title※1 Road Name
Thorn Queen Sonia Road "Crazy Apple" Ringo Noyamano
Wind Queen Gale Road Mikan Noyamano
Princess Spiner

Ring Road

Shiraume "Ume" Noyamano
Horn King (unknown) Gabishi
Water Queen Lather Road Om
Gem King Gaia Road Kilik
Thunder King Rising Road Onibasu
Rumble Queen Over Road Nina

※1 The members of Sleeping Forest use Subregalia, or degraded copies of the original 8 Regalia. As such, they require tuning regardless of whether the Regalia were designed for them or not.

Original MembersEdit

Ex-Sleeping Forest

The original members of Sleeping Forest led by Sora

Title Road Name
Thorn Queen Sonia Road Rika Noyamano
Flame King Flame Road Spitfire
Pledge Queen Ring Road Ine Makigami
Fang King Bloody Road Falko
Wind King Wing Road Sora Takeuchi
Gem King Gaia Road Kilik
Thunder King Rising Road Black Burn
Rumble King Over Road Dontores
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