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Sleipnir emblem

Sleipnire is an A-T team of 5 King-class Wing Road riders, all of whom are Brain Chargers. They are a team based on Norse mythology. The winner of the previous Gram Scale Tournament; they entered solely to find the source of their "desire to fly". Although appearing to be cosplayers, their personalities are actually taken from characters in Fantasia Fortune 7 (Final Fantasy VII). Currently, they have merged themselves with Jiggy to fight Kogarasumaru. Their betting odds (prior to merging) were 6.1.



Referred to by the title "Edda of the Snow Fields", Loki is the most powerful member of Sleipnire with a Battle Level of 205. His A-T is a sword which can deploy into a pair of wings. Only his right eye shows the Over-Cross Twinkle Eye. He is the current Vice-General of Jiggy.


Sleipnir: Cyclone Destiny - Loki creates two tornadoes with his A-T and blasts them at his opponents.

Muspellzheimr's Shining Wind - With his AT deployed, Loki dive-bombs his opponent repeatedly in a manner reminiscent of the technique Omnislash: Version V in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.


Titled "Asgard's Mjollnir", Thor's battle level is the second-highest in Sleipnire at 174. His A-T's are a pair of gloves named "Mjollnir". His signature ability is to produce vacuum orbs generated by the reaction force from compressing air with his A-T's.


Vacuum - Using his gloves he creates a vacuum.


Titled "Hrimfaxi", Nott-dagr's battle level is shown as 147, but in reality is 100. His fighting style is to wear down the opponent mentally through his perceived strength and verbal taunts. His abilities involve the usage of illusions cast through a lens of wind.


Light's Skinfaxi: Nott-dagr projects illusions of objects with a huge lens of wind.


Referred to as "Spring of Life", Freya is the only female member of Sleipnire with a Battle Level of 136. Her A-T is a sword that deploys to form a parasol. Curiously enough, Freya possesses cat-like features. She has her own fan club, composed mostly of overweight otakus.


Asgard's Bifrost - Using her A-T, Freya is able to walk on smoke.

Dance of the Einherjar's Sword - Freya twirls her A-T to create a huge tornado capable of ripping planes apart.

Nibelheim Blizzard - Its abilities are unknown, but it is described as a trick which allows Freya to maintain her posture to maintain "Dance of the Einherjar Sword".


  • Their team emblem seems to resemble a horse which is reference to Sleipnir, an eight-legged horse of Old Norse Mythology.
  • Everything revolving around the team is closely related to Old Norse Mythology.