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The Sonia Road is a road riden by the Thorn Queen, Ringo and those with similar powers to the Thorn Queen. Notably, the riders of the Sonia Road have a great sense of responsibility and obligation.


"Nitrogen absorption, hyperventilation, flexiblity, and greater mobility out of human capacities are the main principles that would make a rider capable of using the defensive yet destructive Sonia Road. The riders of this road often denote it as "the Road of Torture" for it burdens the body with extreme pressure."

Thorns, or sonicbooms can only be created by breaking the sound barrier. Hyperventilated person will have an ease riding the Sonia Road for they can collect more nitrogen in the air than normal humans. The nitrogen is then transformed into bubble cushions in the indentions between the spinal column giving the rider greater mobility and flexibility. With these abilities, a rider will now be able to create Thorns via continuous-twirling motion, making a pressurized vortex, and fire them as a barrage in high speed in all directions, thus proving it to be defensive, using their AT's shaped like a whip, chain, or long fork. On the contrary, the rider's stamina is of jeopardy for it also creates recoil damage on the body due to the pressure straining the spine. There is only one place mentioned in the storyline known to create a pressurized environment for the Sonia Road riders use their tricks, especially their Infinite Atmosphere, without recoil damage, the Trophaeum Tower . Currently, the newest Original Thorn Regalia version 10.7 was created with the newest mechanism. Instead of a whip like structure like the old versions and other Pseudo-Regalias , it was of a bow mechanism which can easily trigger sonicbooms by pulling the string and firing at the target with ease.

The sole riders of this road are known to be females for their hips grant them more flexibility but there is a male, Lind, who successfully hybrid tricks from both the Sonia and the Bloody Road.

Riders & Variants[]

  • Ringo (of Sleeping Forest, current Thorn Queen)
  • Rika (of original Sleeping Forest, former Thorn Queen before Ringo)
  • Gazelle (first Thorn Queen)
  • Princess Sarome ( of Genesis)

Thorn Regalia[]

The first original Thorn Regalia was given by Gazelle, one of the First Generation Gravity Children but was then stolen by the Takeuchi Brothers. Currently, the Original Thorn Regalia was known to be implanted onto Rika Noyamano 's body, the Thorn Regalia version 10.7 created by Dr. Minami Itsuki.

Thorn Sub-Regalia was known to be used by Rika but was then passed on to her successor, Ringo Noyamano . Time after time, it was redesigned and remodelled by Kilik then by Kururu . Apparently, it was then revealed that Kururu implanted the Storm Regalia on Ringo's Thorn Sub-Regalia as part of Ikki' s plan on their battle against Genesis.


Thorns - The signature trick of the Sonia Road. Thorns are sonicboom, breaking the sound barrier, produced by an accelerating centrifugial motion a.k.a twirling motion. Thorns take the shape of long, thin rods of wind with pointed tips. Although Ringo doesn't consider them very powerful, she is capable of firing many of them very quickly, making them quite formidable.

Infinite Chain: Turquoise Sonia; recoil is shown after usage

Infinite Chain: Turquoise Sonia - Ringo's Infinity Atmosphere. To activate it, Ringo has to deactivate her Regalia briefly and let it charge. Once the charge is complete, she begins to rotate rapidly, firing Thorns indiscriminately and damaging herself as well as her opponent. While the trick's effects are not immediately clear, it was shown to be powerful enough to blow away the Wind Regalia's Infinity Atmosphere and inflict serious damage on the surroundings. It was then mentioned in the manga that when inside the Trophaeum Tower , its name was mentioned as '''Boundless Sky: Turquoise Sonia , probably because the tower is the most suitable environment for the Thorn Queens to use the Infinity Athmosphere.

Boundless Sky: Turquoise Sonia, a trick only to be used inside the Trophaeum Tower

Shock Absorption and Air Control

Shock Absorption - With the ability to absorb nitrogen and form bubbles into the joint to add flexibility, a rider can also lessen and loosen the power produced by any 'shockwave' based attacks, e.g. the GOD CRUSHER 'GUNGNIR '. It was first used by Ringo at chapter 339.