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Nike (ニケ), born as SA-503A, is the current Gem King and the most powerful of Genesis' four Kings. Nike, along with Sora, is one of the main antagonists of the series and the leader of Genesis alongside his older twin brother Sora Takeuchi.


The Takeuchi Twins

Nike and Sora are identical twins, but the siblings have very different appearances, in addition to their similar facial structure. Nike has a different hairstyle. And despite being the youngest twin is taller, bulky and muscular.

As shown in a flashback, 10 years prior to the current storyline, the brothers had a similar build and clothing style.

A prominent part of his present attire is a wing-like cape, which makes him look like either a demon or an angel.

After his loss to Kazu, Nike lost his left foot to Benkei.


Nike appears to be highly mentally unstable and has a deep hatred for the one who took everything away from his brother, the former Gem King Kilik. Nike is cold, cruel and physically stronger of the 2 brothers, and was cruel ever since he was a child.

His ruthlessness is seen when he kills Gravity Children who couldn't keep up in a training session, kicking through Shalott's body and even almost murdering a young girl (Princess Sarome).

Spitfire refers to Nike as a knife made of ice covered in blood, and hoped he could be scorched by the flames of defeat and thus changed into a better person. During his fight with Kazuma Mikura, Kazu remembers how Spitfire urged him not to hate Nike, as Nike was merely under Sora's command. Kazu however found it difficult to comply this request and when he began to beat Nike, Kazu told him to say how bonds and friendships are useless so that Kazu would have no regret killing him.

Nike is unmoved by others

When Nike first viewed the sky after the gravity children escaped the tower, he was scared of it and hid behind Sora, remarking that they've come out to an outrageous place. Sora then comments to him that he's only scared because he doesn't want to lose. He also says "You're worried about falling because you feel you're carrying something, but if you're not carrying anything from the start, you have nothing to be afraid of." This follows up by Nike asking Sora if he can carry him around as well. The two are connected as Nike also allowed Sora to tear off his "wings". Nike stated that his "Wings" are in Sora's hands.

After his loss to Kazu, Nike loses his mind and becomes insane.


Nike is the current Gem King, and the most powerful of Genesis' four Kings. He lives in America, and leads two teams, Damned Granite composed of 74 members and Loop composed of 8 members. It is revealed that "Nike" is just an alias, and that he is the younger identical twin brother of Takeuchi Sora,[1] with whom he also shares his name (the difference being the Kanji for their first names, where Sora's would translate to "Sky" (空), while Nike's would be "Space" (宙) ). He made his first appearance when he stole the Wind Regalia core that was recently rebuilt by Kururu Sumeragi for Ikki, and kidnapped Hako Isawa along with it. It was here that it was revealed that Nike had assisted Sora during Kilik's rebellion against Sleeping Forest, arriving to the scene just in time after Sora was defeated by Kilik. He attacked an exhausted Kilik, and managed to steal his Gem Regalia. After the destruction of the old Sleeping Forest, it was revealed that Nike, as opposed to Simca, who actually founded Genesis with the intent of bringing down the new Sleeping Forest. It is revealed that he has always been the true leader of Genesis with Simca acting as a figurehead.

He kidnaps Hako Isawa so she can become Sora's tuner, but comes across Spitfire and Kazu. Sora reveals himself at that point, and Sano joins Spitfire and attacks him. However, Nike, after appearing to have been beaten, reveals that he is uninjured, thanks to his Jade Road. He and Sora overwhelm Spitfire and Sano, killing Spitfire and putting Mimasaka Ryo into a coma. His next appearance is on a ship when he sends Orca to Kogarasumaru's training location in the mountains. He is then shown talking with Simca in a gym on board the ship. Simca plays along, but is then shown praying for Kogarasumaru's safety when he leaves. During Sora's takeover of the aircraft carrier, Nike is seen dragging a man's bashed skull against the side of a boat spelling in blood "Enter Dream".

When Sora and Kilik begin negotiations as to the location of the battle between Sleeping Forest and Genesis, Sora attempts to blackmail Kilik presenting Rika as hostage. It is later revealed that Rika is being held in an Aircraft Carrier as Sora plans to brainwash her into becoming Genesis' new Thorn Queen. Kilik sends off Ringo to assist Kogarasumaru claiming that Sleeping Forest would be fine without her, as the Aircraft Carrier is heavily guarded, with Nike and all of the members of Genesis sans Sora himself, being on board. As Kogarasumaru reached the aircraft carrier, Nike explains to Rika Noyamano how the attack by Kogarasumaru was a test for the abilities of all 58 Gravity Children on board the aircraft carrier.[2]

When Kogarasumaru invades the "Colonel Sanders" aircraft carrier in order to rescue Rika, Nike stands as the commander of the 58 Gravity Children referring that Genesis, in its own right, possesses its very own 8 Kings. After witnessing Onigiri's prompt victory over Sarome, he personally Sarome's grandfather and nearly kills the young girl herself. This infuriates Onigiri, causing an all-out battle between the both of them (Nike was initially losing). However, Nike reveals the one fighting Onigiri to be a robotic counterpart of his, which self destructs and greatly injures Onigiri, before making his appearance in person. He then encounters Aeon Clock and Kazu, who arrive to rescue Onigiri.

Facing both Aeon Clock and Kazu, Nike reveals the true nature of his skills and motivations. During the battle, it is shown that he allowed his shoulder blades to be severed willingly by Sora in order to increase the maneuverability of his arms & to increase his strength, allow an arm rotation that exceeds a normal human's 220 degrees. He is able to easily dispatch both Aeon and Kazu by himself. In the ensuing battle he landed a kick on Kazu which was part of their plan to give Aeon an opening to counter attack, as Kazu held Nike in place with his "Time" while Aeon attempted to attack him. Though he managed to repel Aeon while standing on one leg with ease, or so it would seem as Aeon reveals his "Phantom" Regalia. Aeon then precedes to punch him in the face sending him backwards with incredible force. Nike remarks that it's been years since someone made him bleed. During this fight, Nike remarks about how his brother Sora was talking about how a fight between him and Aeon would be interesting. Aeon proceeds to use the "Anti-Gem+Wind mode" (or Thorn+thunder) to break Nike's "Gem" Barrier. After that Nike is hit by St.

Nike is fatally wounded by Kazu

Elmo's Crossfire by Kazu and Aeon. Nike then yells not to underestimate him. He hardens the air, making the flames smaller and proceeds to turn his blood into "Gem" but Onigri comes and bites his leg. He then releases his ero power's and increases their flames. Aeon proceeds to go toward Nike but Nike makes two swords by combining the flames and gem and soon kills Aeon and begins his fight with Kazu. He then slashes at his arm, but Kazu manages to use his speed and dodge it and only receive a cut on his arm. Nike exclaims that he fights dirty as he begins to walk away from Kazu. He then sees one of his swords melt off as Kazu appears behind him. Kazu proceeds to beat Nike to a bloody pulp. Then, the floor the two are fighting on gives away causing them to fall to the room below. Nike lands on top of Simca, and while looking at her, compliments her beauty. He remembers how Kilik had saved his life while they were escaping from the Tower of Trophaeum and how he had met Simca for the first time then. While shielding her from the falling debris, Nike wonders how different his life could have been had he decided to step forward and befriend the other Gravity Children, but soon realises that it was now meaningless and there was no point in even trying. He picks up Simca and violently throws her at Kazu, stating that

Nike unable to accept his defeat

thanks to him, he was able to get rid of his last impurity as he claims that his love for Simca was the cause of his own weakness. He tries to cut off Kazu's foot, but instead gets his left foot cut off by none other than Benkei . Kazu capitalizes on this, and continues to fight Nike. After Ikki arrives carrying Onigiri's weakened body, Kazu then activate's the Flame Regalia's Infinity Atmosphere and proves to be too much for the one-legged Nike. Surviving Kazu's attack, Ikki acknowledges Nike as an amazing rider and states that not even Kazu could smash his "ice body" he could only crush his heart. Benkei notes that to the very end that Nike didnt understand why he lost or the strength of his opponent, she then looks down on Nike with sadness as he loses his mind.

He is still alive physically, but due to his loss, his mind has shattered and has gone insane. Simca takes pity on him but as he tries moving, she punches him in the face. Sitting on him she states that Sora merely used him and he should come to their side. She teases him saying that she'd wear an apron for him as well as take care of him, and then coldly and ruthlessly states that she would never allow Nike to lay a finger on her ever again, thus making this the first time where Simca has stood up to Nike.


Nike's Regalia

Nike is the current Gem King of the Jade Road.[3] It fuses the Wing Road with the Gaia Road, reflecting his philosophy of total control over both land and sky to bring all foes on the ground even while in the air. Combined with his great physical strength, which was enough to hurl a helicopter rotor straight through Mimasaka Ryo's body,[4] his Road makes him a very formidable opponent. His battle level is 428, the second-highest battle level seen in the series after Kilik's 554 with his pseudo-Regalia.[5]


Nike's regalia, stolen from Kilik after destroying the old Sleeping Forest, is one of the few original regalias left. It creates heavy vibrations in the ground, which resonate with enemy ATs, paralyzing his enemies. He can also use it to kick up pieces of land and debris, send them flying into his foes. With the " freedom" of moving his arms due to lacking shoulder blades, Nike can amplify his regalia to its maximum power, which allows him to go as far as not only changing his body and hair to hardened armor but also the inside, changing his blood vessels to hardened gem; making Nike into a living weapon.


Infinite Tremor - Creates a tremor in the ground and applies the principles of piezoelectricity to enemies. Nike

Nike's maximum power

usually uses it for offensive purposes but may paralyze others as well, like Kilik's. Recently it was revealed that the vibrations might be used to destroy even metal during his fight with Onigiri.

Moon Drop - Nike uses the final principle of the Wing Road(in his case, the Jade Road) to interface with the air and mold wind into dense air. Nike's version of Moon Drop is a different version. He repels everything in a full 360 degree around him with tremendous force, enough to create craters on the concrete floor and wreck everything within a large radius of himself.[6]

Shard Bullets - Nike uses the effects of Gaia Road to force pieces of the ground upward. He follows up with a wind kick, sending them flying at his opponents. He used this trick against Onigiri in chapter 312. However, they only slipped off of him. This trick may confuse the Moonstruck Numberless Grappler as Nike is surrounded by a shadow army of skeletons such as Ikki's. However, it seems to be completely useless against slippery surfaces, such as Onigiri's Mucus, so it seems to be venerable, unlike most of Nike's tricks.

Shard Bullets

Wind Barrier - Nike creates a highly dense air wall in front of him. The wall is mighty and durable, blocking all of Spitfire and Aeon Clock's combined attack. Usually, this trick would leave the user's back exposed. Still, Nike can create a full-body barrier due to his arms' abnormal range of motion from lacking shoulder blades.

Tornado - Nike kicks with his AT, simultaneously twisting his leg, and releases a tornado in front of him. It was first seen during the battle with Onigiri. Nike (or his robotic counterpart) tried to use this trick to blow away Onigiri's nitrogen.

Nike x Sora: Crystal Shard Bullets- Nike uses the Gem Regalia to force gravel into the air. Sora then follows up with his Wind Regalia and pushes them with wind force, flying at the target with high velocity. This attack is strong enough to pierce flesh, as shown when a piece of the rocks penetrates right through Aeon's hand. This trick was used in chapter 162 at the fight between the Takeuchi brothers vs. Spitfire and Aeon.

Jade Armor - Nikes uses the Jade Road to create vibrations to harden his skin, his hair, and what is left of his clothes to make armor. The vibrations harden the air, which allows him to walk on air and create shock waves. It is perfectly capable of surviving an expulsion without slowing him down. It can even use Jade principles to turn his blood into a gem enhancing his armor and directly performing Jade tricks on an opponent.

Jade Swords - With his armor, Nike makes swords on his knees from shards of metal and stone. He uses the Gem Regalia to rip the floor into bits for his leg armor. Then he forges them into skeletal swords by taking advantage of the flames of Aeon, Kazu, and Onigiri's trick. Based on how the stone travels up his leg during this trick, he may use it without heat and instead use the heat to refine the swords. Nike's Jade Swords can also change shape, form, & length.

Nike's swords.jpg


  • While explaining the use of Gravity Children aboard the aircraft carrier to Rika, Nike accidentally revealed his photo album of Simca in his phone, which contain photos of Simca in all kinds of poses and expressions.[7]
  • Nike is also the Team Leader of Loop and Damned Granite.
  • It was revealed in chapter 316 that when the Gravity Children first escaped into the world Nike was terrified of how high the sky was unlike his brother Sora who was astounded by it. However it was through his brother's support that Nike would eventually accept this fear, gaining his resolve as the one who gave up his 'wings' in support of Sora.
  • His name, Nike might is a reference to the Greek Goddess of victory. This name is apt given his desire to be victorious and crush his opponents by any means necessary.


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