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Spitfire (スピット・ファイア, Supitto Faia), the former Flame King, he and Ine Makigami are the last two members of the original Sleeping Forest still holding their titles at the beginning of the story, although he reclaimed his. He is first seen in the series when Itsuki Minami accidentally went to a secret meeting that was going on with A-T riders. He claimed that Ikki, being only an "F-Class" rider, would only have a 1% chance of defeating Buccha, and was surprised by the result. Spitfire is also one of the Gravity Children.


The original members of Sleeping Forest led by Sora

In the anime, he is introduced in the first episode after watching the leader of the Skull Saders challenge Ikki to a battle. He is in control of three teams with 41, 68, and 86 members, and is a highly sought hair stylist in everyday life. His speed creates the illusion of flames due to the heat caused by the friction of his wheels on the ground. Upon watching Kazu battle Aeon Clock Yasuyoshi Sano, he discovers Kazu's affinity for the Flame Road. He since becomes interested in his progress and takes him aside to tell him the real history of A-T's and the story of the Gravity Children. Before he is able to tell Kazu why he is interested in him, Nike and his twin brother Sora Takeuchi show up and reveal to him that it's because Spitfire wants Kazu to be Flame King. They go on to say that giving the title to such an amateur is a betrayal and proceed to fight Spitfire.

Original Sleeping Forest without Rika vs Kilik

When Spitfire's life is in danger Sano joins in and saves him and the two challenge Nike. It is revealed that Spitfire is also able to stop time, similar to how Sano is able to, claiming that while Nike is the strongest of Genesis, he cannot break the flames of time. The fight drags on, and Spitfire comes to a conclusion that they cannot win. By his request, Sano then gives Spitfire enough time to grab Kazu and flee, forcefully giving Kazu the Flame Regalia. Shortly after returning to the battle, the two ( Sano and Spitfire ) are apparently killed by Sora and Nike. Before his death, Spitfire had foreseen this outcome and left a video explaining the true intentions of Genesis and how, after watching the fight between Kogarasumaru and Behemoth , he had been reminded that what he really wanted to do was fly freely in the sky. Spitfire had also predicted that Ikki would "lose his wings" due to Sora's betrayal and part of the reason for the video was to bring Ikki back to the A-T world, at the end of the message Spitfire showed mild concern that his plan might not work.

Spitfire Spirit

Despite his death, Spitfire still helps out Kogarasumaru via an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) program found within his A-T's Memory Stick, which he left to help train them for the Gram Scale Tournament. However, the program itself seems to be so alive and responsive, that a running joke has developed wherein a character will question if Spitfire is really dead or merely watching them from a hidden location. In current chapters, Spitfire's fighting spirit seems to be present within Kazu.

Due to being a part of cyberspace, it was later revealed at chapter 334 that the Spitfire A.I. program is able to manifest itself within the Tropaion Tower after Sora has taken over as Sky King. He provides insight to Plughead regarding the simulated battle between Sora and Ikki, theorizing that it is a simulation of what an all-out battle would be like between the two.


Flame Regalia


As the Flame King of the Flame Road, Spitfire utilized the Flame Regalia.


  • St. Elmo's Crossfire: While utilizing the Apollon Road with Aeon Clock's assistance, Spitfire is able to activate this version of his Infinity Atmosphere, which creates a cross-shaped blast of flame.
  • Time: Causes an "over rev" phenomenon, where the victim's brain is using it's resources solely to process vision, and cannot respond to an imminent strike
  • Infinity Inferno: The Infinity Atmosphere of the Flame Road. Its effects are not made clear, since Sora immediately extinguishes this trick the first and only time Spitfire activates it.

    Spitfire unleashing the Infinity Inferno.


  • Spitfire (and the Flame Road in general) seems to be characterized by a flaming fox with nine tails, a reference to the Kyuubi from Japanese Mythology.
  • In the English dub, he has a cockney accent.
  • In volume 10 it is shown that he works in a hair salon, and he helps Simca cut her hair.
  • Spitfire damaged the tendons in one of his legs during his battle against Kilik.