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The new Storm Regalia

The Storm Regalia of Hurricane Road, originally used the DG-27 from the Rumble Regalia core and the regalia itself. The Regalia was completed, but during transportation to Ikki was shot through and badly damaged when Kururu blocked a bullet aimed at Ringo. To reduce the amount of panic Kururu's team was in, Ikki said that there are various Regalia parts scattered throughout the ship, used by Genesis' Kings. Ikki later challenges Nue to a race and after Ikki beat Nue, he got the Thunder Regalia's Core to repair the damaged Storm Regalia. After Kazu takes down Nike, Ikki is then given the Fang, Gem, and Flame Regalia cores from Agito, Simca, and Kazu respectively. After being created from the Regalia core's, it now is regular sized AT, but instead of wheels has pointed portrution coming down from the bottom and probably hovers instead of rolling like other AT.

Storm Regalia transforming.

The Storm Regalia might now incorporate a little bit of other roads into it, or it could just be derived from the parts of the Kings. It is still a big question mark about this regalia's principle and the Hurricane Road's main principle is. Some argue that this original 9th road is an improved version of Wing Road. Some also argue that this road is a combination of the Wing Road's, Over Road's, Rising Road's, Bloody Road's, Gaia Road's and Flame Road's principle. And there is still some that argue that this regalia is actually the almighty and dreamed-of Sky Regalia, but this has been discredited since the Sky Regalia was released in by Sora. However, it has been stated by Dr. Minami that the Storm Regalia is equal to the Sky Regalia.The Storm Regalia's Infinity Atmosphere is: A Windless Barrier - Astral Magus. Its debut was in chapter 352, it is a move that bears a striking resemblance to Null Wind, but whether Null Wind is actually the Infinity Atmosphere is still up for debate since they where both given different names. Like Null Wind, Astral Magus should work on the same principle;utilizing the "ultimate wave" similar to a storm - chaos surrounds it, but past the "event horizon" lies a windless barrier.


A Windless Barrier - Astral Magus - The Infinity Atmosphere of the Storm Regalia, its only effects as shown so far is that it, in a way, recreates the effect of "space" as well as the calm center of a storm - it is noted to be very similar to Null Wind, even referred to be the trick itself. Whether it (the Infinity Atmosphere) is a completely different trick,the perfection of Null Wind, or even the evolution of it (Null Wind) is still not completely known. It seems to be capable of destroying things on a molecular level. When used with Sky Regalia is close proximity, gravity is reversed and concentrated to the two regalias.

Pile Tornado - Ikki gathers the wind in his hands and then turns them in a circular motion making something that looks like a small tornado, he then kicks the air with his A-Ts sending a powerful, horizontal tornado. He used this move in his fight against Kazu. This is one of Ikki's Infinity Atmosphere tricks.

Limited Express - Ikki uses Pile Tornado and then jumps into the tornado after he has created it. After this he rides the inner walls of the tornado giving him an extreme burst of speed. This move was used against Kazu and is one of his Infinity Atmosphere tricks.

Shock Absorption and Air Control

Null Wind - Ikki's third Hurricane Road technique. It utilizes the "ultimate wave" principle, involving conditions similar to a hurricane (a calm center surrounded by destruction). By using the reverberations caused by Kazu and Agito 's Grand Fang Firebird striking Buccha 's reflective wall, Ikki expands the "ultimate wave" to create a massive circular storm, the center of which has no wind blowing within it.

Air Control - As seen on Chapter 339, the Storm King uses this trick to manipulate air current, more likely to absorb it and focus its force in a certain point. Its other properties are still vague.


  • From what was said in chapter 335, it is possible that the Pledge Regalia's core was also used to create the Storm Regalia.
  • The Storm Regalia has a similar appearance to the Sky Regalia.
  • The Storm Regalia is also the only regalia used by someone other than it's respective king shown in the manga (Ringo uses it before Ikki does)