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Taeko is a Storm Rider and a member of Genesis, serving directly under Aeon Clock as his maid. Later its revealed that she was Aeon's half sister.


Taeko is a very enthusiastic, flirtatious girl. She refers to Aeon Clock as "Young Master" (although he is older than her) and constantly offers to take off her clothes for him. She is apparently very confident in her skills as a Storm Rider, although she is no match for members of Sleeping Forest. Although she refers to herself as a 'girl maid', she is actually 24 years old, which explains her desire to get married soon. She prefers to be called a "loli" which makes her proud after Ikki praised her for helping him tuning his A-T's but multiple characters have referred to her as an old woman. She seems respected Black Burn of how he showed his parental love on Nue, despite Nue hated him and she also cared for the feelings of others; telling Ikki to let the Nue and all Gravity childrens cry all they want for their happiness.


Aikawa Taeko first appearance

Taeko is first seen alerting Aeon Clock to intruders (the Noyamano sisters and Kururu Sumeragi) in his compound. She takes the first initiative in their short battle, attacking Ume Noyamano's walker and Mikan Noyamano. However Ume and Kururu quickly repair the walker and Mikan easily defeats her time techniques, using a move similar to Ikki's Impact Wind, therefore quickly defeating her and stripping her naked.[1] She gets up quickly and tries to challenge Ringo Noyamano, but Ringo intimidates her with her shadow and forces Taeko to retreat.[2]

Later, Taeko assists Aeon Clock in conducting espionage inside the Trophaeum.[3] She also pilots the jet that the two take to Kogarasumaru's battle with Sleipnir. Along with Aeon and Kogarasumaru she arrives at the aircraft carrier where she assists Ikki in fighting Nue, telling him there is nothing wrong with learning from others before them. She helped Ikki in tuning his A-T's using the Pledge Select : Factory Mode and get praised for helping him which makes her proud. While watching Ikki having a duel with Nue, she explained to Mitsuru Bando why baby spiders run with all might from their own parents at the moment they were born, and get eaten by their parents so their babies won't suffering the pain and weak to be eaten, which means how Black Burn cared and loved for Nue despite his son hated him. She tells that Nue might not understand the "love" that Black Burn showed for him and respected him for what he did, which he shared her his beer.[4] After Nue's losing, she then tells Ikki to let Nue and the Gravity childrens cry all they want for their happiness.[5] After Kazu defeated Nike, she was taking care of him and tries to blocked Kazu from moving around from his injury after she gave him some emergency treatment but got aside when he gave Ikki the Flame Regalia.[6]

Taeko and Gorgon having a conversation with Aeon

Three months later, she is seen with Mimasaka Ryo having a conversation with Aeon Clock, who was with Spitfire and Dr. Minami on the A.I. program. She also having a joke with Gorgon, saying that her attitude was big as her chest lately and Gorgon replied, asking if she (Taeko) is a sister of Aeon and can't get married, Taeko said that she can and was a half sister of him.[7]


Taeko is a Storm Rider who rides on the Flame Road, as evidenced by her usage of Time techniques. She is shown to be a highly capable Storm Rider and appears to be very confident in her abilities, despite the fact that she is no match for Ringo and Mikan Noyamono. Later, however, Taeko proves herself against the Thunder King, Nue; thanks to the Flame Road's advantage over the Rising Road and her Focke Wulf Regalia prototype, she is able to pressure him and reliably back up the Storm King as he waits for his own Regalia to arrive.

Aikawa Taeko's AT


Taeko is originally seen wearing a pair of thigh high stiletto AT's with a single wheel. up until she accompanies Kogarasumaru to Genesis aircraft carrier. There, she reveals her Focke Wulf, a large mechanism (perhaps larger than her own body) which she inserts her right leg and arm into. Using this weapon greatly enhances her combat abilities, to the point where she is able to pressure the Thunder King and even inflict some level of damage. It is later revealed that this device is an "all-purpose regalia prototype" which enables her to emulate the Infinity Atmospheres of the main 8 roads at 88% efficiency.


Oh! Time: As a Flame Road rider, Taeko is able to use this technique, which paralyzes opponents by rapidly striking nerve endings and pressure points. This makes it seem as if the Flame Road rider has stopped time.

Time Rondo

Time Rondo: Taeko's personal variation on the Time technique. It appears to utilize Flame Clones to inflict paralysis from a fair distance, although it is not strong enough to hold Mikan Noyamano in place for very long.

Flame Road: After Burner: When Mikan discovers her during their battle, Taeko uses this technique to position herself to use Time Rondo. While it isn't explicitly named, the effect and visual appearance of the trick is the same as when Kazu used it.

Flame Clones: Taeko is briefly seen using this technique as a means of using her Time Rondo trick.

Time Reversal: In her brief battle against the Noyamano sisters and Kururu, Taeko uses this technique to destroy Ume's walker from a distance. Unlike Aeon Clock's joke version of this technique, she is able to use it for serious purposes.

Taeko with Spitfire`s Shadow

St. Elmo's Crossfire (Revised) : Using her Focke-Wulf Regalia prototype, Taeko is able to emulate the Infinity Atmosphere of the Apollon Road at 88% efficiency, blasting her target with a cross-shaped blast of flames. Nue comments that he can see Spitfire's shadow in her attack, showing just how accurate of an imitation this technique is.

Pledge Select : Factory Mode : Taeko uses her Focke-Wulf Regalia prototype as a tuning system for ally riders. During so, parts of Focke-Wulf begin to break off and split into separate tools used for tuning an A.T. This was shown in chapter 309, when Ikki called Taeko to tune his A.T.s so he can have his final battle against Nue.


  • Taeko wears a ball gag as a choker.
  • The name Focke Wulf could be a reference to Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG which was a German manufacturer company of civil and military aircraft before and during World War 2, or to the companies Focke-Wulf aircraft line up.
  • Despite considering herself loli, many characters have referred to her as 'old hag'.
  • The Focke-Wulf Super Lorin was a German jet interceptor project. Designed towards the end of World War II by engineer Heinz von Halen, the project remained unbuilt before the Surrender of Nazi Germany. The Focke-Wulf Super Lorin has no RLM aircraft designation.


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