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Thor is a Brain Charger and a member of Sleipnir


Like the other members of Sleipnir, Thor has a nickname: "Asgard Mjollnir". He assists Loki's plan by tricking Agito into firing a Bloody Blade Fang into Onigiri's plane. He later reveals that the members of Sleipnir are Brain Chargers in an attempt to goad Lind into battle.


When he faces off against Agito in the match against Kogarasumaru, he wears some form of body armor reminiscent of Nue's Thunder Regalia. His armor is a pair of A.T. gloves called "Mjollnir" which emits steam to be compressed into a vacuum. So far, he has shown only a few major tricks encompassing of creating vacuums. He is able to dissipate Agito's Bloody Blade Fang by simply thrusting his arm into it, dissipatting the fang with a vacuum. His gloves, like Agito's A.T.'s, need 0-100-0 energy created by running and is thus easily defeated if crippling his legs as Agito did in their fight. His R.E.A.D. level is 174, the second highest among Sleipnir's members. As a Brain Charger, Thor has access to their innate abilities as well. The  gloves actual purpose in battle is much more sinister than suffocating an enemy within the vacuum. When a target is ensared within the vacuum orb the external preasure drops to 0. This dramatically reduces the boiling point of any present liquids within the orb. The main target of this technique is blood. When the boiling point of blood drops, it will instantly turn to gas from being boiled by the persons own body heat. This blood vapor will not have enough space within the blood vessels and explode outwards. Agito refers to the result as "a deep red firework". Agito survived the technique by cutting himself to allow the blood vapor to leave his body safely while he passed through the vacuum.