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Known as T-Gonzo, he was the leader of Kintetsu Bulls, an A-class Storm Rider team and owns a clothing store. After his team was defeated by Agito, he continues to support Ikki, giving him an unlimited access to his clothing store, leaving them without a charge. He is a good friend with Rez Boa Dogs' Inuyama, and as he said "for a long time I've had a strong relationship with Inuyama".

Later in the manga, he is seen in the group that Aeon Clock recruited to help Ikki battle on Genesis's aircraft carrier. He along with the riders that Ikki had defeated and became his allies had watched the fight between Ikki & Ringo vs Sora & Rika on the Trophaeum Tower that broadcasted all over the world and surprised with the activation of Storm Regalia, along with Inuyama.


He constantly wears a set of heavy weights around his stomach to train himself and usually wears a snow cap with Kintetsu Bulls jacket, but when he and his team on a Parts War, He wears a helmet with bull horn look-alike. He also had a muscular body.


Although his abilites and road are unknown, he hold a rank of A-Class of the Parts War with his team. He also had a great teamwork, as shown in Kintetsu Bulls fight against Agito.