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Tool Toul To (道具屋(トゥール・トゥール・トゥ), Tūru Tūru Tu) is a team originally created to assist the Kings with their Regalias. They are a completely neutral group and will assist any King regardless of which side they are on. Each King is assigned a tuner who becomes familiar with the King and acts as their personal tuner. Since the Regalia can be won from a King in battle, the new King would have trouble using the Regalia since the body structure of the old king might differ from the new one. That's where the members of Tool Toul To come in, as the new King will be assigned a tuner who will adjust the Regalia to the King's personal style and structure.

Members of Tool Toul To[]

Team Tool Toul To

Kururu Sumeragi (皇杞枢, Sumeragi Kururu) is the leader of the current Tool Toul To and Pledge Queen. Initially, she was a new member keen on becoming Ikki's Tuner. Although shy around Ikki at first, she becomes devoted to him after witnessing his anger over Simca's attack. She does not wear A·T's, but as the leader of Tool Toul To, she is a genius in repair, construction, and maintenance of A·T's. In Ikki's battle with Ringo, Kururu identified the sound of Ikki's A·T's, arrived at the battle in time to intercept Ikki as he was falling towards the river, and rebuilt his ruined A·T's in midair in less than three seconds. She originally rebuilds the Wind Regalia for him, though it is stolen and given to Sora. She eventually becomes determined to create the new Storm Regalia for him. The Pledge Regalia allows her to utilze the bodies of other tuners through the "Infinite Scale", enabling them to build, repair, and tune A·T's as quickly as the Pledge Queen. Under her direction as Pledge Queen, Tool Toul To appears to have abandoned its neutral position in favor of supporting Kogarasumaru.

Ine Makigami (巻貝イネ, Makigami Ine) is the first Pledge Queen of Tool Toul To and of the original Sleeping Forest. She is also knowledgeable in medicine and runs her own hospital. Though none of the Gravity Children require tuners, Spitfire still has a close relationship with her before his death. She decides to break the rule of neutrality of Tool Toul To (along with many of its other members) and help Kogarasumaru develop. She passes down her title of Pledge Queen to Kururu Sumeragi.

Rune (ルーン) is the second in command of Tool Toul To and the oldest member of the team. He contains various robotic parts and keeps weapons on him at all times.

Isawa Hako (石和はこ) is an ordinary member of Tool Toul To who originally wants to become Ikki's tuner to prove her ability. She steals the original Bagram Cores that were repaired by Kururu Sumeragi and replaces them with her own copy. She later attempts to seduce Ikki, thus becoming his tuner, but she is dismissed as being inferior to Kururu. She is eventually kidnapped and becomes Sora's tuner. She regains her ties with her team afterwards and comes to terms with herself and her own feelings of inferiority.

Kanon (奏音) is Ringo's Tuner and Kururu Sumeragi's cousin. He has an obsession for Ringo and seems to harbor romantic intentions, but some of his ambitions shatter when he openly plots to tamper with Ikki's A·T's. He presses on in his disregard for Tool Toul To's neutrality by actively battling against Kogarasumaru, though he at least seems to respect their leader.

Kana (奈々) is Nue's tuner, appearing in chapter 105 of the manga, making occasional appearnaces and also helped tune Kururu's father's team members in the White Wolves Arc.

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