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Tridents emblem

Trident was an A-class Storm Rider team based in the Kansai region of Japan. Founded and led by Rumble King Yoshitsune, they were the most powerful team in Western Japan. Tridents became a constituent of Genesis some time before the series began, making Yoshitsune one of the five Kings of Genesis. Their first appearance takes place during Kogarasumaru's class trip to Osaka, which acted as an opportunity for Ikki to garner the approval of Tridents in his bid for the leadership of Genesis. After kidnapping Ikki's friends and luring him to their headquarters, Yoshitsune goads Ikki into challenging Tridents to a Parts War match.

After Ikki successfully passes Yoshitsune's challenge, Tridents consents to fall under Ikki's leadership. Yoshitsune and Benkei, the second-in-command of Tridents, travel back to Eastern Japan with Kogarasumaru and begin training them to become an A-class team, with Benkei mentoring the team at large and Yoshitsune remaining with Ikki in the hospital. During this period, Benkei acts as a "helper" for Kogarasumaru, helping them win many battles and eventually defeating the Water Queen, Om, in a C-Class battle. After Ikki gets out of the hospital, Tridents falls out of the spotlight; they are next seen reaffirming their allegiance to Genesis when Ikki is declared Storm King.

After Yoshitsune died and Benkei went to Kogarasumaru, Tridents' fate is unknown. many fans think that Tridents may be disbanded, though. During the Gram Scale Tournament, in the lull between Kogarasumaru's second and third battles, Tridents is attacked in Osaka by members of Genesis serving under the Takeuchi Brothers. Although Yoshitsune is able to repel their assault and kill two of the assailants, Percival and Gawain, Tridents is annihilated and he is defeated when Nike shows up and personally assassinates him. Having lost her left leg in the battle, Benkei manages to take the Rumble Regalia and deliver it to Ikki so that it can be incorporated into the Storm Regalia.

Team Battlecry[]

Did you know? Blood is thicker than water.

And though we are not blood related, our bonds are stronger than iron.

Even the sword of Saburou Shinra can't cut them.

We cannot be bought, even with a pile of gold higher than Mt. Rokkou.

Until the day that death tears us apart!

We are the samurai of the West. Our fate lies with heaven.

Team Members[]