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Water Regalia

Om's A·T is a subregalia known as the Water Regalia. Unlike the standard A·T, it has three wheels which resemble miniature off-road tires, and the back wheel is noticeably larger than the two front wheels. In combat, this back wheel is capable of compressing air into bubbles which rotate with great intensity and burst with great force, an ability known as Bubblegum Crisis. However, this setup has a flaw: any move must be performed with her back facing the enemy, making her susceptible to frontal attacks. Bubblegum Crisis uses the same principle behind water jet cutting, and can be considered as an "Infinity Atmosphere".

No info what so ever on the core's name and its Infinity Atmosphere's name. The road, Lather Road, is possibly falls under the category of Original 8 Roads of Gaia Road.


Bubblegum Crisis - Using the Infinity Atmosphere of the Water Regalia, Om produces streams of bubbles that have great cutting and explosive power towards the opponent.

Infinity Atmosphere:Bubblegum Crisis