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Yaooo!! emblem

Yaooo!!, also known as the Night Kings, is an A-T team created by Buccha. They ruled the Higashi Junior High territory during the night and let the East Side Gunz rule during the day, taking the heat from authority.  They were defeated when Ikki beat Buccha in an E-Class Hurdles battle over/around the school.

Yaooo member.png

The members aside from Buccha wear a consistent clothing set: school jacket and pants, a light green tee underneath, a white cap, grey headphones of a similar style to Buccha's, and a red cloth in front of their faces. They also wear A-T's of a similar Jeep-looking style as Buccha's, only with two wheels. They seemed to have practiced a lot of coreographed dance moves in their spare time; also, they seem to hold a strong measure of loyalty towards their former leader: they teamed up with Buccha again to help him with Onigiri's "roleplaying" with his girlfriend.