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Team Yellow Rain, at the beginning

Yellow Rain (emblem).png

Yellow Rain was a skateboarding team led by Kaito Wanijima around ten years before the storyline began. It acted in a very similar way to some of the more gang-like Stormrider teams like the Skull Saders . It was said that they where simply free, and did anything they wanted to, simply because they could. The name Yellow Rain comes from a type of biological weapon, which follows the idea that they "poision the city". After Gazelle's death, the members of Yellow Rain went on to create the Windstorm G-Men's prime fighting force Black Rain, while Kaito went on to be the leader of the G-men.

Team Members[]

  • Kaito Wanijima: The foul mouthed leader of the team, known for his attitude and disregard for the rules of humanity.

    The members of Yellow Rain, standing before Yoshito and Kikaya's graves

  • Yoshito: a high ranking member who despite his position is easily frightened, as seen when a young Nike used him to find Gazzile.
  • Kakiya: a close friend of Kaito's and presumed second in command. In reality he was the son of a detective who infiltrated the team to find information, but he got in too deep and ended up being killed by "the twins" Sora and Nike
  • Gazelle: Joined the team after Kaito found her unconscious in a dumpster. She was used to promote the team through her ATs. Many members of the team where fond of her, going so far to call her "our angel", but she only had feelings for Kaito.
  • Many other unnamed members who all wore the teams yellow jacket and gas mask