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Yoshitsune, a brilliant strategist and occasional pervert, held the title of Rumble King and was the leader of the Kansai Storm Rider syndicate Tridents. He was a brilliant tactician, as noted by Gabishi who admitted to being in awe of his cunning. This is further demonstrated off the battlefield when he is able to work out a system for Tetris which allows it to keep playing in his absence. According to Agito, he is the highest on the Windstorm G-Men's wanted list, a testament to his skills and intellect.

He is based on Minamoto no Yoshitsune, which would follow with his second in command, Benkei, being based on Saito Musashibō Benkei.



Yoshitsune challenged Ikki with the "Devil's Thirty Three ", a stunt that normally involves jumping over the bodies of thirty-three of one's teammates; in Ikki's case, he has to leap over Ringo who was lying at the end of the track. The power of his Rumble Regalia is demonstrated during Ikki's first jump when Agito Wanijima attempted to assist his team leader by accelerating Ikki with a "Fang". Yoshitsune's Ram Jet Theory based Regalia intercepted and completely nullified the fang. Ultimately, Ikki successfully tackled the challenge, and Tridents agreed to collaborate with Genesis' new leader. Yoshitsune then served Simca and Genesis as an enforcer and tactician.

After Sleeping Forest's Gabishi was captured, while trying to harm Kazu, Yoshitsune was in charge of his interrogation and torture. After Sora Takeuchi's betrayal and Spitfire's death, Yoshitsune showed sadness for his comrade but nevertheless decided that Tridents would stay with Genesis, not because of loyalty to Sora, but because it would be more beneficial for the Storm Riders of West Japan, represented by Tridents, and his own desire to fight against Kogarasumaru. According to Benkei, the only time he is truly serious is when he take off his glasses.

Yoshitsune dodging Gawain's attacks without A-Ts

Yoshitsune is later killed in the aftermath of an assault on Osaka by Genesis. Though he manages to defeat Gawain and Percival, as well as a massive mecha wielding a rail gun, Nike arrives and easily kills the exhausted Rumble King. However, Yoshitsune manages to remove his Regalia and pass it off to Benkei, leading Nike to compliment the man's ability to think ahead.

Even after his death, his legacy was left with the Ram Jet, having predicted that the metal, DG-27 would be untraceable to create the Storm Regalia. His regalia is currently dismantled and incorporated with the Storm Regalia.

Yoshitsune's final moments

In the final chapter, Yoshitsune is seen messing around in the background of the cyberworld behind Spitfire, Aeon, and Minami Rinta's while sending a message to the living.


Yoshitsune was the Rumble King of the Over Road. The Over Road is unique in that it is created by destroying the roads of others, as stated by Benkei during Kogarasumaru's match against Animal House. Yoshitsune's Rumble Regalia is an embodiment of this principle, as it absorbs an enemy's wind and uses it against them. Sora Takeuchi openly acknowledges that Yoshitsune's abilities are a major threat to Genesis, as the Rumble Regalia is proportionately stronger when facing stronger winds.


Yoshitsune with Rumble Regalia

Yoshitsune's Rumble Regalia, called the Ram Jet, resembles a fairly normal pair of A-T's, albeit gaudily designed ones (fitting well with Yoshitsune's personality). Unlike his predecessor's Rumble Regalia, which used arm-mounted turbines and thus relied on the user's arm strength to be utilized, Yoshitsune fully integrated his Regalia into his A-T's by including two turbines between his feet and the A-T wheels. The mechanism follows a miniaturized version of the "Windmill theory", which absorbs strong opposing winds and uses them to generate and increase thrust. To increase the regalia's absorbing powers, the wheels can also be transformed. The regalia is currently being incorporated by Kururu into the new Storm Regalia, reflecting the Over Road aspect of Ikki's new Hurricane Road.


Yoshitsune's Rumble Road

Wind Absorption - By activating the Rumble Regalia with a high-speed kick, Yoshitsune can absorb an enemy's wind-based technique and use its power for his own purposes.

This ability is capable of absorbing even Agito's Leviathan Fang without taxing Yoshitsune too heavily.

The regalia while activated

Rumble Wall - By releasing absorbed air along with the heat from his wheels, Yoshitsune creates walls of air that can block attacks and push enemies away. Proportionately larger and stronger walls are even capable of repelling solid projectiles, as seen when Yoshitsune repels a metal slug back into the barrel of a massive A-T rail gun (causing its destruction).

Although he is worn out after this, Yoshitsune states that he overdid it by creating a wall that was overly powerful for what he was blocking.

"Super Alloy Z" Metal Belt - While not actually a trick, Yoshitsune has a metal belt he uses in his fight against Gawain and Percival.

He can use it to tie limbs or deflect attacks, and it appears to be invincible.


  • Despite not being a Gravity Child, Ikki has remarked that Yoshitsune is seemingly more powerful than Dauntless as the Rumble King.